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Denise Finch

Daniel Jorgensen

June 21, 1945 - April 06, 2020

This GatheringUs memorial is a way for us to celebrate Dan's life. Since we cannot all gather together in the physical at this time to share memories and comfort one another, this site will serve as our virtual gathering place. Dan had a varied and eclectic life, and I invite each one of you to add your...  see more

Dan was born in LaJunta,CO on June 21,1945.He passed peacefully in his home in Auburn,Ca. on April 6,2020.He was a loving husband to his wife, Denise Finch, father to his son Patrick Jorgensen, brother to John, brother in law to Joanie Jorgensen, stepfather to Frances,George,Clara,and Louis Tobin, uncle to Kyle Jorgensen.Dan was/is a beloved dharma and meditation teacher to his friends, students, and colleagues.Dan had a varied and...  see more
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  • Jon Meakin
    I didn’t know Dan for very long, but in our all-too-short acquaintance he made quite an impression on me.

    Before we met, I had been told Dan was a man of few words, but I didn’t find this to be the case. We hit it off immediately, and he relished...  more
  • Dunja Popovic
    Dan was my dharma teacher, and everything I received from him changed my life in profound ways. I had been full of spiritual longing for so many years when I met him, and yet I didn't think that I could ever actually have a direct experience of the...  more
  • Patrick  Jorgensen
    It’s hard to condense what my dad meant to me and our relationship as a whole in just a few short paragraphs. His life spanned the globe and his experiences were many.

    I was very proud to have him as my dad. We had the barrier of very few common...  more
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  • John Jorgensen
    It is an impossible task to distill my thoughts about my brother’s life into a few short paragraphs or pages. Especially when severely handicapped by the grief from his death. But he was a very special human being so I will try to convey some key...  more