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Dan Kohn

November 20, 1972 - November 01, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Dan Kohn. Collecting your stories and memories here will help us to share Dan's legacy with the kids. As we plan virtual and in-person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Dan's obituary in the Tribeca Tribune: Foundation memorial page for Dan, with zoom link for memorial service Friday Nov. 13 at 6 pm Eastern:   To Honor Dan: Dan and the boys had an epic trip in February to India where the boys helped out at Open Source tech conferences across the country. They visited Wildlife...  see more
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  • Adina Davies
    Adina Davies added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Dan Kohn:
  • Guy H
    Dan, thank you for being a great friend and an inspiration to so many of us. Your energy and enthusiasm for life and building new things could always be felt and it motivated action. When you approached us about starting an online company back in the...  more
  • anni lai
    This is how I remember Dan - intelligent, logical, authentic, generous, adventurous, open-minded, hardworking, and fun loving. A beautiful soul gone too soon. Dan, rest in peace and we will miss you at every Kubecon.
  • Chris Aniszczyk
    I first met Dan as I was bootstrapping CNCF/OCI and we were entering our crazy growth phase and needed to expand the team. I was hesitant at first working with Dan and we didn't always agree on everything, but I had the pleasure of working with Dan on a...  more
  • Katie Greenley
    I first met Dan at the first CloudNativeDay event, I was the event organizer assigned to the project. Over the next 4.5 years, I got to know Dan fairly well. He always demanded the best of people, for us to have opinions, and that the only person telling...  more
  • Pamela  Block
    I had several years of friendship, the joyful discovery in my adolescence of a distant relative who was a "kindred spirit" (as Anne of Green Gables would say), when I was in my early to mid 20s (Dan's teens to early 20s). Then life took us in very...  more
  • Marty Manson
    I’ve know Danny from the day he was born. I remember talking to his mom and dad. They were so proud very of him!
    When Elizabeth and later Adina were born the three of them could be found laughing together on the Ventnor beach, at the dinner table or...  more
  • Bruce Hermann
    Dan has been my esteemed colleague and friend for nearly a decade. He's challenged and inspired me throughout.

    It's with great sorrow for so many of us now that he's passed.

    Dan will be missed dearly.
  • Adina Davies
    Adina Davies added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Dan Kohn:
  • Zhiqiang Yu
    It was our great honor to invite Dan and other LF staff to visit our office in Feb, 2018. We really appreciated his tremendous support for China community and Telecom industry. Dan was a true global citizen. He always replied my email in one day. His...  more
  • Jie liu
    Dan was energetic, optimistic and always cheerful, he was the one who can brighten the whole room. Thank you Dan, we miss you:)
  • Nanci Lancaster
    I started working with Dan in March 2018. As Xander said, he is an acquired taste, and I worked tirelessly to get to know Dan and gain his trust. By the end of 2018, I was dubbed the "Dan Whisperer" because I could talk to him with ease and he...  more
  • Liz Webb
    Liz Webb added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Dan Kohn:
    • Liz Webb
      Adina Davies I love this picture on the left (Liz, Dan, Adina & Alice) was the morning after Dan's Bar Mitzvah in 1985. The picture of Dan and Alice was at her wedding to Billy. And the other picture is of Gert Cohen (honorary grandmom to me (Adina), Liz and Dan and...  more
  • Art Matusow
    I’ve probably known Dan longer than anyone. His mom was my first cousin but she and her family were closer than that. When Dan’s grandfather died myDad went to grandparents day at his school. I marveled at Dan’s success. The first time I ever...  more
  • Liz Webb
    There weren't a lot of kids in Dan's family. We were the only ones younger than him at gatherings who he could freely tease, tickle, and torment. I braced with adrenaline every time. Yet for every debate in which Dan outpaced me, there were always...  more
  • Erica Brescia
    It was said today that Dan was an acquired taste. He definitely was - and one clearly so many people acquired! I had some tense conversations with Dan myself, but they were always borne out of a passion of doing the right thing for the community -...  more
  • Colleen Mickey
    I had the privilege of working with Dan at the LF. As Dan's friends said, he did push people to be their best, and he did that with me and my team and we are all so grateful. Grateful may not have been the words we used in the moment, but when we saw...  more
  • Jeffrey Borek
    I first got to know Dan way back in the mid '90s when he came to Seattle to work for a startup related to McCaw Cellular, where I worked prior to coming to IBM. It was great to get to know him then, and he was there for me when I married my wife Kellis...  more
  • Calista Redmond
    It was such an honor to work with Dan. Your personal dedication to the success of all of our open projects has lifted us beyond measure and set a model of leadership that cannot be prescribed or written down, it can only be done through practice.

    This...  more
  • Randy Williams
    We've been blessed to be neighbors of Dan and his family over the past decade. During that time, I developed great respect for him, simply by watching how he led by example as a husband and father. I admired how connected he always was to his boys'...  more
  • Liz Webb
    Cousin Danny was six years older than me. When we were kids, he would constantly remind me that he was wiser than I. As an adult, I relied on Dan for quality advice.
  • Darrell Flewell
    I’m among many others who felt Dan’s warmth and light too few times. Even so , his impact was so great, we are still able to honor his memory for the remainder of our lives. Rest In Peace Dan.
  • David A. Wheeler
    Dan Kohn was smart, kind, and loved to solve problems. His work has helped innumerable people, most of whom will never realize how his hard work has helped them. I had the pleasure of eating with him in SF on our trip back home; it was the last...  more
  • Megan Lehn
    Traveling with Dan all over the world for KubeCon and the Kubernetes Forums was such an experience and I am so grateful to have been able to do it. He always pushed us to do the very best and strive for new and unique experiences that brought together...  more
  • Adina Davies
    From a trip to Disney in Florida in 1989/1990. Liz and I always looked up to you (literally) and for advice. It is quite hard to believe you are gone. I will post more at a later time.
  • Eiji Hirai
    Very saddened at the loss of a great person. I remember Dan from the early undergrad days at Swarthmore, when he hatched the idea of starting a company based on commerce on the Internet in 1994. People thought that it was crazy, but Dan had foresight...  more
  • Justin Garrison
    I only had the privilege of meeting Dan in person a few times. His deep love for his family was always apparent and his passion for technology and people I will always remember. Dan encouraged me in so many things and I am so grateful for knowing him and...  more
  • Richard Hartmann
    Working with Dan on the background bits of Prometheus over the years, he was always kind, smart, thoughtful, and to the point. CNCF would not nearly be the same without him. Dan shaped a large part of how technology will develop in the next years.

    The...  more
  • Shuli Goodman
    For the last two years Dan and I met the last Tuesday of every month. He saw the possibility of LF Energy and he wanted us to succeed for which I will be eternally grateful. A gift to me. And to the world. Dan coached and guided me through the startup...  more
  • Mike Dolan
    I'll never forget first meeting Dan. I've worked and known many brilliant people in my life, but Dan was one that just instantly I could tell was on another level. Despite being able to always see three steps ahead, he was always happy to roll up his...  more
  • Ellen Jalkut
    In the memorial service, we heard stories about his impact on the world. He also made an impact on the community he lived. He was a willing volunteer -- he jumped into a committee to bring safety measures to the neighborhood after a Halloween attack. ...  more
  • Prokharchyk Alena
    Dan always found kind words for everyone he talked to. He instantly made people around him feel confident and comfortable. His work and contributions to to the open source community will continue inspiring people. You are missed, Dan, thank you for everything.
  • Brian Silver
    We met Julie and Dan as fellow parents at the Washington Market School over 10 years ago. Since then we have enjoyed family time together as well as Dan and I having wide ranging discussions at the various coffee shops in Tribeca. Dan did me the great...  more
  • Noah Abrahams
    It can not be overstated, the sheer impact that Dan had on so many of our lives. We would not have the very society or ecosystem in which we live and act, nor the careers we drive our lives forward with, if it were not for Dan. I certainly would not be...  more
  • Adam Rifkin
    Dan Kohn taught me how to shake hands. Before Dan, my handshake was tepid and I looked at the handshake instead of at the person with whom I was shaking hands. Dan taught me how to have a firm handshake that was not too firm — you’re making a...  more
  • Arun Gupta
    Dan was a kind, humble, and a fantastic human being. I get to work with him for the last few years at Linux Foundation and his impact to the open source community is unparalleled. This is an utter loss and you will always be missed.
  • Erik Riedel
    Many of us will have seen Dan on a big stage in some location near or far - this photo from Las Vegas - but we all know that the true work happens on the small stages, behind the scenes. So much impact to be had behind the scenes, so much to be...  more
  • Liz Rice
    Dan did so much for the open source community, and opened up opportunities for me and so many others, for which I will always be grateful. He achieved so much in a short time, with kindness and enthusiasm.

    Dan, thank you, you are missed.
  • Duncan Johnston-Watt
    Like many people I had the good fortune to spend time with Dan professionally - in my case during his time at the Linux Foundation - and saw first hand how inclusive he was and how he wore his intellect lightly as he set about creating the CNCF.

    However...  more
  • Sarah Saul
    I know we only worked together for a short time at LF, but I was always so impressed with your brilliant ideas and ability to capture audiences. Thank you for all your advice as I was just starting my journey to NYC. You will be missed.
  • Nithya  Ruff
    Thank you Dan for brightening all of our lives with your knowledge and your presence. I appreciate very much your generosity in your knowledge and time.
  • Jono Bacon
    Dan was a remarkable human being. He was passionate, engaging, intelligent, and always willing to challenge conventional thinking and (so called) wisdom. He cut through the fickle and focused on what really mattered.

    While I met him through the tech...  more
  • Pamela  Block
    I close my eyes and we are adolescents, friends, more or less relatives, companions on the road, when our paths crossed in Philadelphia. I'm glad I had the chance to cross paths again meaningfully when I wrote a memorial for Michael Matusow.
  • Liz Webb
  • Cindy Kohn