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Jordan 8454

Colin Boake

June 04, 1937 - October 11, 2020

We have created an online memorial to celebrate the life of Colin Boake who sadly passed away peacefully at home on Sunday 11th October surrounded by his family. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer the family great comfort. Please feel free to contribute your memories and share with anyone...  see more

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  • Ricky Curran
    Dear Pam, Kerry, Doug and Claire, and the whole family, and my best mate Cuan and godson Jordan: my heart goes out to you all at Colins passing away.

    He was one of the most loving, fun, caring, family, sensitive men I have ever met and and extra...  more
  • Robbie  Boake
    I remember being a young boy when I started to understand that Colin was so very close to my Dad in looks and sound and mannerism. From that point, as I grew to know him, he was always a very special Uncle. Seeing him was always a huge treat, because I...  more
  • Robbie  Boake
    Dear Robbie and family

    I'm so sorry to hear your uncle has passed away. I saw Jordan's post which came up on FB because Cuan was tagged.

    I just wanted to pass on my sympathies to you and the whole family, especially your Dad.

    Lots of love from Franki xxx
  • Robbie  Boake
    Dear Pamela,
    It was lovely meeting up with Colin in Ireland and hearing about your work with the children. We have thought often and will continue to pray for you.
    Lots of love
    Alistair and Elizabeth Hutcheson from Scotland.
  • Robbie  Boake
    Colin and Jock, as always chuckling in secret code.
  • Annette Hughes
    Thinking of you all at this sad time, with love, sympathy and beautiful memories of one of life's true gentlemen.

    Annette and family, Northern Ireland
  • Jordan 8454
    A rare photo of the three generations! Taken in Belfast, 2014.
  • Cuan Boake
    Oupa and Grandson camping on a beach in Donegal, Ireland. A special trip.
  • Jordan 8454
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