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Christopher Herrin

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Christopher Herrin. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Christopher “Topher” Herrin died on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021. He was 16 years old. Topher was born in Mount Vernon, Washington on December 17th, 2004. From an early age, Topher displayed a quick wit and unique charm. His enthusiasm was infectious, and his ability to command a room was indisputable. Whether he was designing elaborate LEGO creations or thrilling adventures in Dungeons & Dragons, Topher took great pride in his...  see more
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  • Carol Daley
    Today, Dec 17 is such a special day for your Mom and Dad: the day that you came into their lives and you had to leave so soon. Hope you are enjoying the real presence of our loving Lord. Praying for you and your parents, and all those whose lives you...  more
  • Carol Daley
  • Liz Wick
    Christopher came in to Kellogg as a new student. Me and my friends introduced ourselves so he at least knew a couple people. I remember hanging out with him, he was just the sweetest kid. I could tell he was lonely though and didn’t have many friends....  more
  • Mya Maxine Villa
    I never really talked to him but I sat behind him in my SAS class. I remember him always making a grand entrance into the room and always making funny jokes. His presence always made the room lively and fun. I am glad to have known him, although not...  more
  • Becca Miller
    I knew Chris for about 6 years, he was one of the first people I met when moving to Washington. I remember our late night calls where we talked about our week, day, whatever was on our mind and he talked about what he had up his sleeve for our next dnd...  more
  • Elise Soper
  • Gayle Clark
    Chris was in my Language Arts class for 7th and 8th grade. I had him first period, and he was always the first student in the room. I can still hear his booming voice with that faux-British accent as he exploded through the door every morning with a,...  more
  • Raghav Dhandi
  • Ryan Stege
  • Theresa Williams
    I will not post any pictures but I will share with you all my first meeting with Topher. I spent my first holiday with your family in Skagit County in 2019 and Topher wore the hat as worn in Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat" and made me smile. It is...  more
  • 金武 里恩
  • Manoli P. Tramountanas
  • Meni Moretz
  • Meni Moretz
    I never thought I would meet someone so perfect. Topher was the light in every dark tunnel, I can never forget everything he did for me. I remember the first day I met him I was so worried he would fall into the wrong crowd. Which wasn't the case cause...  more
  • Katy Moretz
    • Katy Moretz
      Katy Moretz I had the pleasure of having Chris in my life thru my child Neela. They met in school and soon came inseparable on the computer. He opened our eyes to the world of D and D. When he was over at the house I loved having him in the car rides to and from. ...  more
      • April 1, 2021
  • Halima Taddei
  • Anya Kelly
  • Colin Cook
  • Kayla Gowey
  • Hannah Woodard
  • Finley Hill
  • Kayla Simerson
  • Audrey Gray
  • Nathan Gibbons
  • Olivia Clarise
  • Sylvia London
  • Heidi  Lewis
  • Jennifer Kleyn
  • Payton Beam
    I never met Chris in person, but every day after 3rd period our teacher would put us in a breakout room on Zoom. We'd talk about everything and nothing at all. I can't share any specific memory of him and I, but I can tell you that the nicknames we had...  more
  • Debbie Marsh
  • Michelle Bakowski
    I'll always remember Chris swinging his lunch box as he entered the classroom, boldly saying hello and eagerly asking what we were planning to do for the day. His positivity and smile was contagious and he lit up the room. He looked out for everyone. He...  more
  • Michelle Bakowski
  • Bill Dunbar
  • Ellen
    I was a friend of Chris’s at school, and I played Dnd with him on Sundays. He was one of the most kind, creative, and genuine people I’ve ever known. He was my first friend here in Shoreline, and he welcomed me as if we’d known each other for a...  more
  • Ellen
  • Diane Rebelos
  • Pelar Holmes
  • Michele Best-Miller
    We moved to Bay View when my daughter, Becca was in the 5th grade. I met Chris the first time I volunteered at school. He was wearing a Star Wars shirt and was so excited to see the newest movie. I am a Star Wars nerd and was completely jealous that...  more
  • Michele Best-Miller
  • Roger Moore
    September, I wish you and your family peace and comfort. Please know you are in my thoughts, and in my heart. If I can be of support, just let me know.
  • Katie Eastman
    I am a friend of Kelley Woods and am sending condolences and a wish for all of you to feel love and support surrounding you whenever you need it.
  • Kelley Woods
    I'll be there with Mummu and Papa. xo
  • Breanne Desmarais
  • Debra Barclay
  • September Herrin
  • Marika Moffitt