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Jacob Fleming

Christi Bre Fleming

November 23, 1985 - June 12, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Christi Bre Fleming. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Beloved by her family and many friends, Christi Bre Fleming passed unexpectedly at age 35 on June 12th, 2020. Born in Mountain View, CA to Gregory and Tammy Fleming, Christi grew up in the Clovis foothills where she attended Auberry Elementay, Foothill Middle School, and Sierra High School, where she graduated in 2002.  Christi lived her life fully, despite its abrupt conclusion. She was funny, outgoing, loved to dance, was...  see more
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  • Jessica Andrews Land
    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you... I miss you so much❤
  • Jack Pierce
    Jack Pierce added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Christi Bre Fleming:
    • Jack Pierce
      Jack Pierce We are so very sorry for the loss of such a sweet soul. Christi was the love of our Matt’s life & remained a member of our family after we lost Matt in 2014.
      She joined us for family outings at Bass Lake & met us for dinners & lunches during our...  more
      • July 12, 2020
    • Jack Pierce
      Jack Pierce We love you, Christi. Jack, Alicia, and Brandon Pierce.
      • July 12, 2020
  • Carolina Garcia-Zigal
    My mother, Wanda Garcia, Christi's great aunt and I are still in shock after hearing the devastating news of Christi's passing. We will cherish the many memories of fun times we had when we visited my wonderful Aunt Bea. Christi and I shared love...  more
  • Tammy Fleming
    As I was picking out pictures of my sweet daughter to share with everyone to see a glimpse of her short sweet life, it was very difficult to do. There are so many pictures that I will always treasure and the memories that I will hold close. Life...  more
  • Tammy Fleming
  • Dorreen Roth
    I have no photos to share only pictures in my head and heart of a beautiful sweet young woman. There are no words that I can give that will comfort you Tammy only your memories can do that. Hold on to your family and lean on your friends. She knew she...  more
  • Tammy Fleming
  • Tammy Fleming
  • Katie E Sullivan
    As I slowly pull out memories it’s both overwhelming and defeating. I am a fixer.
    Kinda how we balanced each other - I am so grateful to pull out random pictures and remember things that happened 20 years ago that I would otherwise forget. I remember...  more
  • beatrice shade
    Christi my beautiful granddaughter, what can I say about Christi that everyone that knew her dosen't already know. Her laugh was contagious,her smile would light up a room, she was funny and so much fun to be with. Christi touched so many lives....  more
  • Jennifer bird
    We were not close as adults, distance and an age gap hindered that opportunity, but I love my young cousin nonetheless. She was such a sweet and beautiful person and I am deeply saddened by her passing. I always enjoyed our time together with all or some...  more
  • Amber Viel
  • Amber Viel
    Christi was always so kind and so sweet. Even though our time in the past few years has been limited due to distance, I have always enjoyed every minute spent with my cousin. Our most recent time together was at the creek ranch Easter picnic and we spent...  more
  • Tammy Fleming
    This is shared from her Uncle Joe and Aunt Dianne Small
  • Cheryl Andrews
    Christi you will be missed by so many. Your kind and thoughtful soul were who you were but your sense of humor completed you.....As Jessica said, "thank you for being you." To Christi's family I am so, so sorry for your loss.
  • Jake Nelson
    To my love. You have taught me what the meaning of the word is. You have given me so much in life that not any one soul could do. You have that gift with your energy!!!! You make me a better person everyday as well as anyone who knew YOU!!! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS BABE
  • Corey Nelson
  • Jessica Andrews Land
    To my best friend and my other half, I cannot believe you are gone. For over 25 years we shared a bond that cannot ever be broken. You were such a true friend so full of life, love, kindness, and spirit. I smile when I think back on all of the great...  more
  • Amanda Bosworth
    I had the wonderful pleasure of working with this woman for two great years. That time is so cherished by me. We were like a little family. She was an amazing person to share life with. My heart is broken to hear her young life has ended. I pray for all...  more
  • Justin Wancewicz
  • Tammy Fleming
    To my beautiful daughter, you will always me my sweet girl, this is a picture of the day we brought her home from the hospital, Jacob couldn't wait to hold her. She grew up being the middle child with two brothers, but loved them so much. I couldn't...  more
  • Katie E Sullivan
    Well someone has to start this off! I am blessed to have most of my childhood and young adult life with memories full of this girl! I didn’t even know I liked ‘Just Dance’ until I was made to play it for hours on end. I’ll share the photo I found...  more