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We are setting up a memorial fund to be split between Cheryl's current and future grandchildren's college education and to support the children's library in Wyomissing. We know her love for both her family and reading were limitless, and we want to help honor both of these.

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Doug Berne

Cheryl Ann Berne, MD

April 17, 1962 - December 28, 2020

We created a digital memorial to celebrate the life of Cheryl Ann Berne, MD, and the impact she had on those who knew her. Collecting your stories, pictures, videos, and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

2020 saved its worst for last by taking the life of Cheryl on December 28 at the age of 58 after a very rapid battle with cancer. She is survived by her parents, Sylvia and James Young of Phoenixville, PA, her sister Linda Kramer, her loving husband Douglas Berne, her daughters Candace Kronen and Lianne Berne, and her granddaughter Sage Kronen (age 2). Cheryl was raised in Phoenixville. After graduating Villa Maria Academy in 1980,...  see more
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  • M Palin
    Our memories of Cheryl can be seen in so many of the photos taken during the years of our friendship with you both. Cheryl and Viv were kindred spirits, their interests were shared and this friendship brought joy to so many more friends, Girl Scouts and...  more
  • Doug Berne
    Doug Berne added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Cheryl Ann Berne, MD:
  • Doug Berne
    Our first trip to Bonaire was one of several we took. It was always the best trip, as we spent meals together, but I could go shore diving while she read. We also regularly visited the donkey sanctuary there, which was one of Cheryl's favorite things, bei...
  • Doug Berne
    Doug Berne added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Cheryl Ann Berne, MD:
    4th of July, 2005
  • Bala Carver
    Dear Doug, Candace and Leiane,
    My name is Bala Carver. I am a friend of Cheryl and Gina, who introduced us when I was a little late Blood Banker at Lehigh Valley Hospital.
    Subsequently, Cheryl and I would meet at AABB or in Allentown.
    Needless to say...  more
  • Rob Kronen
    Cheryl I got to know you first as the person who would soon become my mother-in-law. In our first interactions I could already see qualities in you that I envied: a collectedness in the face of anxiety; an assurance of your own abilities in the face of...  more
  • Mary Donadi
    I loved the shares in this site - this fun women with her family (everyone was her family). She was a very loved work colleague and was true to her sweet identity in that arena, as well. My heart was so full when she recently welcomed me into the...  more
  • Scott Smith
    Cheryl was a good friend for 40 years and she will be greatly missed. Mind you, I didn't spend a lot of time with Cheryl. It was always Doug and Cheryl. Almost from the first day they came to La Salle they were almost inseparable. I spent a fair amount...  more
  • Linda Smith
    Many funny sweet happy memories being gathered some almost forty years old.
    (ie. Scott the vagrant 😎)
    All irreplaceable, unforgettable blessings.
    Wish all peace, sending hugs prayers and our love🕊❤🌻
  • Linda Smith
    She always had stash of really good snacks, the kind that sustained you through the day. She was wise and perceptive-beyond her years. Cheryl had something special...a kind of presence that was real, and true, and made me want to be a better person. ...  more
  • Linda Smith
    It was around January 1981 when I met Cheryl and Doug at La Salle College. Scott and I had met in December. We sat in Cheryl's room a lot and chatted and ate snacks and laughed. Her room was organized and serene, just like her. No muss, no fuss, no...  more
  • Mary Wolfe
    Thinking of you all at this very difficult time. Gary and I are honored to contribute to Cheryl's memorial fund through our daughter's account. It's a very worthy cause. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Mary and Gary Wolfe
  • Gina Karess
    Our annual Cookie Day became a long-standing Christmas tradition. We would alternate baking between my house and Cheryl’s from year to year. When they were kids, Lianne and my Sarah would help us decorate for a while then wander off to play. They...  more
  • Gaby Wenger
    One last thing to mention is just all the conversation. Chat over tv, over tea, over birthday dinners - you, me and Viv. 10 years or more of regular meet up at B&N, though we moved to Panera in 2019. Long running group chat on text, email, and whatsapp...  more
  • Gaby Wenger
    So many other memories that don't have photos. Movies, dinners, concerts, triple dates. Allentown fair, casino trips, watching American idol (and going to see one in concert). Project runway and ice skating will always make me think of you, watching on...  more
  • Gaby Wenger
    Camping wasn't just for girls, it was for us too. Camping without the girls was a yearly tradition for a while. Cheryl, Viv and I. Set up a tent, hike, read magazines that need no thinking, and of course, talk and cook and enjoy a campfire.
    And not...  more
    • Gaby Wenger
      Doug Berne I forgot about the camping trips! She always had so much fun with you guys!
      • January 2, 2021
  • Gaby Wenger
    We started yoga classes, not sure how long ago now, 5, 6, 7 years? It was usually always with the same instructor. In addition to her regular sessions, we attended special classes; we did Reiki and Restore yoga (summer sessions in the hot, hot stone...  more
  • Gaby Wenger
    So many memories with Cheryl. Girl Scouts, of course. Troops with our kids, troops without our kids, so many events - The March/Spring event for yearly, Hot dog roasts where we all (like 60+) squishing in under cover in thunderstorms, outdoor cooking...  more
  • Doug Berne
    When our daughter Lianne got engaged a few years ago to Rachelle, we made them a congratulations video. Cheryl did not want it uploaded, but it is one of the few videos I have of her, and I think shows her good nature going along with most of my...  more
    Congratulations video for Lianne and Rachelle when they got engaged
  • Doug Berne
    About two years ago, when the cat was about 18 years old, she had a night of sitting in Cheryl's lap while we watched TV, and in the morning, the cat has passed. Cheryl said "that's how I want to go. Getting cuddled at night and then going in my sleep"....  more
  • Doug Berne
    I recall the year we rode Bike Virgina along the steep hills of shenandoah park. She wisely advised me that we should take the shuttle instead of slogging up the mountain on the bikes.
  • Doug Berne
    Cheryl was great on bike vacations that we took as the kids we growing up. Even when we had a 90 mile day, in 90 degrees, and 90% humidity, she was a great sport about it!
    • Doug Berne
      Gina Karess I remember hearing about your bike trips and being very impressed that you both did that, all those miles in 90 degree heat.
      • January 1, 2021
  • Rob Beanlands
    Cheryl, we are so fortunate to have known you - such a warm, caring, and intelligent person. We are grateful that you and Doug welcomed Rachelle into your family. When we met you, we could understand why Lianne is such a wonderful person. We are so...  more
  • Rachelle  Beanlands
    Never keen on being the life of the party but always a workhorse in the background. You were instrumental in organizing our awesome wedding shower in Maryland. All you needed was “we want it to be games themed!” and you ran with it, going all out...  more
  • Gina Karess
  • Gina Karess
    More from the Hershey years. One with Robina. I think the guinea pig was named Eggbert.
  • Gina Karess
    Doug, Cheryl, and Candace in front of the Hershey Medical Center.
  • Gina Karess
    Cheryl and I sat next to each other on our first day of medical school in 1984 and instantly became friends. Studied for the weekly pharmacology quiz over pots of tea. So many shared memories, too many to write. Baked Christmas cookies on what became our...  more
  • Rachelle  Beanlands
    Hard to know what to say Cheryl. Seven years of knowing you seemed like enough to know you as a person, but a lifetime too short when I think of what was to come.

    I am mourning the loss my future children’s awesome book loving, tea drinking, girl...  more
  • Viv Palin
    The year I got a Girl Scout Outstanding Leader Award. I wonder who had a hand in that?
  • Viv Palin
    One of my favorite photos
  • Viv Palin
    Beach Jam, Wildwood, NJ - one of our most favorite recurring Girl Scout trips. Waking up at dawn to watch the sun rise over a sea of tents with a hot mug of tea in hand.
  • Doug Berne
    Doug Berne added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Cheryl Ann Berne, MD:
    Candace's Wedding
    Anniversary Hike
    Beach Jam
    State fair
  • Doug Berne
    Doug Berne added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Cheryl Ann Berne, MD:
    Grandmother's birthday
    Lianne's wedding
    Sesame Place
    Christmas photo
  • Doug Berne
    Doug Berne added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Cheryl Ann Berne, MD:
    March event 2008
  • Candace Kronen
    One of the many books she shared with her granddaughter ❤️