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Virginia Burrus

Charles Sidney Burrus

October 09, 1934 - April 03, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Charles Sidney Burrus. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Charles Sidney Burrus was born in Abilene, Texas, on October 9, 1934, son of Charles Hooker Burrus and Aleta Virginia Hunter Burrus (Huffman) and older brother of Jack Sanford Burrus. He grew up in McKinney, Texas, a notably happy and inquisitive child nurtured by gentle and tolerant parents. His father died when Sidney was just 14, and Sidney’s resilience and confidence in shouldering increased family responsibilities were harbingers...  see more
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  • John Fisher
    Sid Burrus was not only one of my great educators and mentor. He was also a friend who helped me obtain my advanced degrees from RIce. But most importantly he supported me at a very difficult time in my life giving me great advice and support. He will...  more
  • Katie Cervenka
    Dear Burrus family - - I am so profoundly sorry for the loss of dear Sidney so close on the heels of Mary Lee. I was moved by yesterday's service. A beautiful memorial.
    I first met Sidney when I interviewed at Rice more than 20 years ago. Part of my...  more
  • Jim Avera
    Fran & I have known, and loved Sidney and Mary Lee since September 1965! The four of us joined Covenant Church on October 3, 1965, and we have enjoyed their presence as well as the birth and growth of our children through all those years! One of the...  more
  • Moshe Vardi
    On January 22, 2021, Steve and Paula Baker and I invited Sidney to join us for a virtual Jewish Friday-Night Dinner. Sidney loved the idea, but wanted to know what is involved. I told him that there are some rituals, dinner, and discussion. What will we...  more
  • Mandy Nevin
    So glad I held on to this mug from our CSB@70 celebration at Rice in February 2005.
  • Mandy Nevin
  • Nancy Letness
  • Sarita Adve
    I will cherish my visit to Rice in October 2019 when I last met Sidney. As he walked into the room where I was to give my talk, it was as if the 20 years since I left Rice and last saw him never happened. It was the same warmth, enthusiasm, and...  more
  • Claire Burrus
    Claire Burrus added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Sidney Burrus:
  • Carolie Allgood
    Few special people go down the road less traveled who enjoyed the trip as much as he did. I called him friend, mentor, and boss. He enriched my life in each of those rolls.

    He made it clear the first day I showed up unannounced as his assistant in...  more
  • David Ramsey
    Sydney and I spent many evenings together as part of a theology discussion group organized by Leon Meeks. His curiosity about any topic under discussion there was infectious.
    One of my most significant 'Sydney memories' was generated during a Saturday...  more
  • Jim McClellan
    When I came to Rice in 1970 as a grad student, my life changed. Sidney played a key role in that experience because he was such a great teacher and mentor. Digital Filters (1970) was an eye-opening course in a brand new field. It was an exciting time to...  more
  • Larry Marple
    Sidney made a big impact on my career, first as Rice undergraduate student in the 1960s, then mentor, and finally a professional colleague of many decades. His depth of technical insight and personal warmth will be truly missed.
  • kathleen cook
    I am so sorry for the loss of Sidney. I feel very fortunate to have known him over the years. His interest, caring, and intelligence were such gifts to so many.
  • Robert Meyer
    I am deeply saddened at the loss of two of my best friends from Rice days - first Mary Lee and now Sid. I first came to Rice as a student in 1965, about the same time as Sid came back to join the faculty. I took several courses from him, including the...  more
  • Bettie Burrus Jones
    Dear Sidney and family,

    So sorry for your loss. We are first cousins of Sidney’s in Baytown, Texas.

    Love in Christ,
    Burton Burrus Jr. and Bettie Burrus Jones
  • Ricardo von Borries
    Meu querido amigo, orientador, professor,
    Dr. Burrus,
    estou rezando ...
    A saudade é muito grande,
    só amenizada pelas muitas lembranças
    dos momentos fantásticos nos quais pude
    receber seus ensinamentos, conselhos,
    e a sua amizade constante,
    indo na...  more
  • Corina Ionita
  • Jenny Dudley
  • Vicki Schutter
    My heart is so sad! Sidney Burrus hired me at Rice in 1984. He was one of the nicest, wisest, most brilliant people I have ever known. And he was not just interesting - he was interested … in everything. Not only could he discuss the complex topics...  more
  • Cyndi Menchaca
  • Thomas P Barnwell
    I was shocked and saddened beyond words to hear of Sid's passing. Sid was my colleague, collaborator, and friend for more than fifty years. We shared a passion at different times for digital filters, filterbanks and wavelets and we also produced many...  more
  • Amy Sedano
  • Eric Johnson
    During my eight years as a part of the Rice administration, Sidney was a trusted advisor and good friend. He helped me understand Rice and its idiosyncrasies, always gave useful advice, made me smile, and urged me to make pilsner my beer of choice. I...  more
    Charles Sidney Burrus
  • Ronald Schafer
    I’m reminded by the beautiful obituary that Sid found life and death and the world around him “interesting.” I can hear him saying that. He was a great academic leader, beloved by students and colleagues, a kind and thoughtful human being, and...  more
  • Kathryn Cooksey Pew
  • Philip Walters
  • Katie Cervenka
  • Randy McKnight
    Dr. Burrus was my advisor when I was a Ph. D. candidate in late 1960’s. A couple of years into the program I was unexpectedly activated to service in the Navy, and not knowing if or when I would be able to return, he was able to quickly guide me in...  more
  • Spencer Arrasmith
  • Leslie Gerber
    Sidney's strong presence at Covenant brought stability, integrity, intellectual curiosity and much else to me, to others, to our educational program. He wasn't one to shirk from the tough questions and didn't mind if you asked one yourself. As one with...  more
  • Pamela Price
    Dr. Burrus taught me Transistor Theory when I was an Electrical Engineering student at Rice. He was an excellent teacher, one of my role models in my teaching career. I saw him on campus a few years ago and we had a nice conversation. What an amazing...  more
  • Michelle Watkins
    He exemplified the true meaning of "a gentleman and a scholar". And he will be deeply missed by myself, the entire team at Brazos Towers, as well as all of his neighbors and friends within the community that enjoyed his friendship and zest for...  more
  • Raymond Stubblefield
  • Huaijin George Chen
  • Scott Hochberg
    In his engineering classes, Dr. Burrus taught me how to think, and then, as I encountered him throughout the years, he always challenged me to actually do so. His unending curiosity about the world filled him with questions, and his intellect wouldn't...  more
  • Ankit Patel
  • Darel Linebarger
    I will miss Sid Burrus. He has been a friend and a mentor to me for most of my life. We first first in the Fall semester of 1981, when I took ELEC 531 from him during my first semester of graduate school at Rice. I did ok in that course and in subsequent...  more
  • Ramesh (Neelsh) Neelamani
    It's 17 years since I graduated from Rice and I continue hear Sidney's voice over my shoulder guiding me often with the following simple query, "what question are you trying to solve?" (add his twang and imposing demeanor!)

    This is indeed a...  more
  • Karen McCollough
  • Daniel Williamson
    Sidney's impact on my life has been huge. In fact, he is the reason that I have the career and life that I do.

    I remember visiting him in his office on the second floor of Duncan Hall to interview for a summer job in April of 2008, and when I told him...  more
  • Bala K.
  • Bart Rice
    I first met Sid in 1978 at a workshop in Pittsburgh. I had just read several of his papers and he later read one of mine. I was a math major at Rice (1965), not an engineer, but for the last 43 years Sid has treated me as one of the horses in his corral....  more
  • Satish Nagarajaiah
    A friend, mentor, and colleague. Rest In Peace. Sidney—will be missed by many at Rice, Houston, and the world over.
  • Jodi Bash
    From Frank Cooksey - Today I learned of the death of our long time friend, Sidney Burrus. We met Sidney and his wife, Mary Lee, through Covenant Church (a liberal Baptist church in Houston) where we were members from 1966-73, while I was serving as an...  more
  • Rebecca Willett
    When I first knew Sid, he was already Dean of Engineering, but he never stopped making time to mentor students. I remember him talking to a group of us young graduate students about his first years as an assistant professor, some of the struggles he...  more
  • Dan King
  • Teresa Valderrama
  • Elizabeth Gillis
    My connection with Sydney and Mary Lee is from Rice when my husband I came to Rice in 1993. Sydney always had a smile and a kind word. He made everyone feel comfortable and at home. He will be greatly missed.
  • Michelle Fuller