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Karen Scouten

Charles Scouten

November 21, 1940 - October 19, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Charles Scouten. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. 

Charles G. Scouten died peacefully, surrounded by his family, at Central DuPage Hospital on October 19, 2020 at the age of 79.   Charles was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 21, 1940. He was the son of Josephine and William Scouten. He resided in Brunswick, Georgia until December 1964, when he married Karen Nelson and moved to Athens, Georgia. Karen and Charles welcomed two wonderful sons, on October 28, 1967 and February 27,...  see more
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  • Ariel Fang
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  • Ariel Fang
  • Ariel Fang
  • Ariel Fang
  • Ariel Fang
    Charles and Karen watched us grow up and were key to helping my family feel more comfortable here when they first came over to America. As we grew up they cheered us on in our successes, taught us the importance of patient in the face of adversity, and...  more
  • Sue Schubert
    Dick and I so fondly remember Chuck and Karen. We have sent off a card and letter to Karen and family. Chuck was an amazing human being, as is Karen. We will miss his presence in this world and are so happy we were able to see him and have him to dinner...  more
  • Grayson Van Camp
    I met Charles and Karen through Chicago Presbytery and Wheaton, First. What a wonderful couple. What a dear man. What an encourager! Charles always had a smile and a few quiet words that made the day better. He always felt like "family," and as...  more
  • William Scouten
    Received this email from Todd Walker:

    Dear Charles and Karen, and Paul and Bill,

    Charles, I mentioned to Paul when I spoke to him earlier that maybe the most remarkable thing about our friendship was the way that you always made me and others feel...  more
  • Bobbi Boyd
    Yes, Charles was a 'Prince among men'. Such a warm hearted, caring soul that blessed us all with his presence. My heart goes out to the Scouten family in their grief and love for a such a bright soul, and now he is shinning ever brighter. I'm so glad...  more
  • Eulalie West
    The Scouten family has my deepest sympathy. Charles was always so cordial and friendly every time I saw him. I remember him attending our last Presbyterian Women of Chicago Coordinating Team meeting at Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church. Karen was the...  more
  • Alan Fusfeld
    Charles was a wonderful colleague and a generous kind friend. A 'Prince' among men. He was a true asset to our consulting business,

    He will be deeply missed.

    Our most sincere condolences to Karen, his sons and their families.
  • Laura Welsh
    I am so sad that Uncle Charles has passed. He was a wonderful, caring man. Wish I had more memories of him than I do. It was, unfortunately, Mommy II's funeral that finally brought our little bit of family together. That reconnection meant to much to me....  more
  • Beth Trumpy
    My family is so grateful to have been blessed by Charles and his unbridled joy. I don't believe I ever saw him without a smile on his face. He truly cared for each member of First Pres. He adored our youngest daughter Claire. Sundays won't be the...  more
  • Joe Joseph
    I have known Charles for more than 35 years, ever since he and Karen arrived in Warrenville, IL to work for Amoco Research Center. We worked together for several years on the same team. Charles was always pleasant and easy to work with. He shared his...  more
  • Adam Malak
    Charles was always a warm and welcoming presence at the Presbytery meetings and I will miss our talks about the state of affairs of our denomination and Jesus' ministry at work in it and the world. He was the embodiment of a pastor's spirit.
  • Chander Balakrishnan
    Charles and I were colleagues in Amoco for a few years. I knew him as an extremely smart person who knew a lot about a lot, one who gave freely of his time and expertise to everyone. He was a genuinely nice person who bore no ill will towards anyone. I...  more
  • Sue Holt
    One of my favorite passages is from Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

    When I was younger I wondered, “Does God do things on purpose?” I still don’t know if God does things ON purpose,...  more
  • Karen Scouten
    Karen Scouten added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Scouten:
    Charles, Bill and Paul
    Charles, Karen and Paul
    Charles as a young Boy Scout, in a parade
    Charles as a toddler with his mother, Josephine
    Charles, Karen and Bill as a baby
  • Karen Scouten
    Karen Scouten added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Scouten:
    Charles, Karen and their granddaughter, Erin
    Charles, Karen, Bill and Paul
    Charles as a toddler and his father, William Scouten
    Charles as a little boy and his sister
    Charles and Karen
  • Karen Scouten
    Karen Scouten added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Scouten:
    Charles as a young boy
    Charles, Karen, Bill and Paul
    Charles and his granddaughter, Erin
    Charles, Bill and Paul
    Charles, Bill and Paul
  • Carrie Gee
    Charles was a wonderful father-in-law. He taught me that a belief in science and a faith in God are not mutually exclusive. He delighted in all his family, especially his grandchildren and sons. He will be profoundly missed. Here is a picture of...  more