• A Ceremony of Life for Cate Fischer

    May 8, 2021, 12:00 PM US/Pacific


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Crystal Hamby

Cate Fischer

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Cate Fischer. For those of you who are not able to attend the ceremony of life gathering for Cate, we encourage you to share in your memories of her life. Feel free to post pictures and memories to share with this community of family and friends.

Cate was a unique and spirited woman who loved to dance, to laugh, and to travel.  She lived a life that included many adventures that she spoke fondly of: living in the remote regions of Alaska, travelling to Las Vegas, and taking a variety of cruises with her husband, Steve, that included the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska.  She was the mother of two daughters, Stephanie and Crystal, whom she loved dearly, and she was a...  see more
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  • Stephen Miller
    I had not seen Cathy in several years. After high school, we both lived in different parts of the world and country. However, we stayed in touch by phone.
    Cathy was a wonderful surprise born seventeen years after our parents last child. If it had not...  more
  • Carolyn and Jack Hamby
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    Steven Fischer

    Cate and I met over 40 years ago. She was my wife, lover, friend, companion, confident, and traver partner. We had many adventures together. She passed away at the age of 77 years, 4 months and 7 days. To young. She will be missed.
  • Carolyn and Jack Hamby
    We first met Cate at her daughter, Crystal’s, graduation ceremony at Bastyr University. We were sitting with our son, Ian, Crystal’s soon-to-be husband, and he leaned over and said, “There’s Crystal’s mother.” We looked over and saw this...  more
  • Carolyn and Jack Hamby
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  • Jean and Brian Beck
  • Jean and Brian Beck
    I love the photo of Young Cate!
    She talked often of having been at Woodstock, and I wonder if there are pictures of her at that time.
    She always had such a great appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, and she contributed to that beauty...  more
  • Carolina Tercero
    So sorry to hear about Cathy/ Cates passing. She was always the great optimistic, funny, happy aunt that I knew as I was growing up. We spent many happy summers at the beach in San Pedro where she taught me how to be fearless in the waves.
    Carolina Tercero
  • Crystal Hamby
    Growing up, my Mom was one of my best friends. We loved sunning ourselves at the beach, we went everywhere together, and we were often mistaken for sisters (which my Mom LOVED!). She was my biggest fan and she believed that I could do anything I set my...  more
  • Crystal Hamby
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    Miller Family
    Las Vegas Fun
    Mom and Daughter
    Family Wedding Day
    Full Family Photo