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Christy Kelley

Carol H. Kelley

October 12, 1946 - March 17, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Carol H. Kelley. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Carol Hewitt Kelley, 74, of Auburn GA, passed away on Wednesday March 17, 2021.Loving mother and constant gardener, she has touched many lives with her joyous heart and generous nature. She is survived by three of her children, Timothy M. Kelley, Christy C. Kelley and Martin H. Kelley.
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  • Barbara J Levin O’Riordan
    This is part of a message that our friend Ananth wrote to Christy and copied to me. Both Ananth and Christy have given me permission to share this.

    Dear Christy,

    I came to know about Carol’s passing today from Murali bhai. I don’t think there are...  more
  • Barbara J Levin O’Riordan
    As a student of Heartfulness Meditation, I have had the opportunity to meet not only four remarkable spiritual teachers but also some everyday people who turned out to be amazing human beings. Carol Kelley is one of them.

    I try to get to know people...  more
  • Sandy Cawley
  • Nanji Cohran North
    Carol was a very dear, much beloved friend. She was also one of my favorite people on the planet! Our friendship began way back in the mid 90s, when Carol became one of my very first yoga students. She brought her bubbly personality, great sense of...  more
  • RJ Bibby
    Good bless you Carol, you will be missed. You welcomed me into the Kelley family with open arms and humor. I loved talking to you about your passion for flowers. I have a green thumb like you and Kim and I will plant some Spring flowers in your memory....  more
  • RJ Bibby
  • Verlyn McGilvray
    When Carol texted me from the hospital she talked more about her children than anything else. She just wanted to make sure they were okay. I only met Carol’s vivacious spirit once in person. At a class in my home she regaled us all with her bright and...  more
  • Kim Kelley Bibby
    I remember Aunt Carol’s smile and her laugh. She was always so sweet, patient and kind. I remember all the Easter holidays we spent at the house on Clack Rd. The kids would all have to stay inside with the curtains drawn while the adults would hide...  more
  • Mimms
    Recent years with Carol little movie
  • Marcie Benne
    My memory and feeling of Carol is that she loved a good time. When I saw her, she lived the line, “Have fun, make fun, be fun.” I am honored that she spent some of her time, energy, and attention to hold me and my partner in her heart and wish us well.
  • Christy Kelley
    • Christy Kelley reacted on this.
    • Christy Kelley
      Christy Kelley At mom's celebration of life today, I learned from Cosette's mother (Kendall) that their dog Ranger passed away about a month ago then her Great grandmother Nina just before Aunt Carol. Cosette was at least grateful to know that they would be together in...  more
      • March 28, 2021
  • Christy Kelley
    I received this kind remembrance from a friend by email:

    "I feel grateful to have witnessed Carol’s joyful essence, smile and heartfelt resilience over the years during our interaction in Molena and other gatherings. I was touched by her nurturing...  more
  • Lisa Tienken
    I still can hear your wonderful laugh in my mind......I met Carol at work in the early 90's we became instant friends, she was so easy that way. Carol was such a genuine and caring soul. I believe Carol will be a angel in heaven because she was one here...  more
  • Bani Surapu
    I met Carol and her sons at the Molena ashram in Georgia several times. She always had a smile and radiance on her face. A very loving soul. Our prayers for Kelly, Tim and Martin.
  • Belinda Pate-Macdonald
    I met Carol at a conference in NC back in 1998, and we had an immediate, joyful connection. On my return to Australia, I stopped over at Clack Road, and that was the beginning of a long friendship. Over the years, we kept in close contact, despite being...  more
  • Mimms
  • Mimms
    Carol and I had the best kids and gardens connect and that will always be with me.
  • Bonnie Edwards
  • Lisa Tienken
    • Lisa Tienken
      Lisa Tienken I still can hear her laugh in my mind.... I met Carol at work 35 plus years ago and we became friends instantly she was so easy to like. I have never known a more kinder genuine person then her. Carol always put the well being of others ahead of her own...  more
      • March 22, 2021
  • Kirstin Santos
    It's been several years since I have seen Carol, though these photos bring to life what I recognize as her spirit...the joy and love that flowed through her heart to all, the twinkle of her eyes and the sound of her jovial laugh. As my grandmother would...  more
  • Kirstin Santos
  • Janet Hicks
    • Janet Hicks
      Janet Hicks These are some wonderful pictures of Carol. They capture her spirit. She always had a smile on her face, laughter in her eyes and so much love in her heart. She will be missed.
  • Jean Lawrence
  • Dana  Skelton
    Carol took us to Cumberland Island - one of my first visits. Christy, Carol and I walked waaayyy down the beach. We ran into Carol R in her jeep and she gave us a ride back to camp. Wonderful trip!
  • Nanji Cohran North
  • Julie Horridge
  • Christy Kelley
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  • Christy Kelley
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