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Brenda Denise McCoy

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Brenda Denise McCoy. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. The event details can be found in the "Events" section on the right side of the page, under the picture of hands holding lights. Thank you for contributing to...  see more

Brenda Denise Burgess McCoy, affectionately known to many as "BB" was born to Lawrence McKinley Burgess Sr. and Myrtle H. Burgess in New Rochelle, NY, and departed this life on December 18, 2020, and resided in Williamsburg, Virginia. Brenda is survived by her husband Delbert McCoy, son Karif McCoy, sisters Eileen Wagstaff and Cynthia McKinney, aunt Glenave Carolina; along with a host of cousins, nieces, and nephews. She was preceded...  see more
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  • Jacquel Manigault-Perry
    BB I thank God for the many memories we have for me to reflect on. Our letters (that you still have), our talks, the laughter and the way you would spoil me as if I was your biological niece. Broken-hearted- I sure am gonna miss you. Love you
  • Richard Galindo
    Deepest sympathies from Francine and Richard Galindo. We pray for her and her loved ones, especially Delbert and Karif who I know will miss her deeply.
  • Hope Yeadon
    I'll always remember the time we shared while growing up in 51. I appreciate all of our talks and of course, the laughter. I'll miss talking to you on the phone over the years and listening to your latest joke. Rest In Peace BB!

    Hope Bope (only for you)
  • Hope Yeadon
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  • Hope Yeadon
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