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BJ (Bette Jo) Hyle

A place to celebrate the life of our dear friend Bette Joe (BJ) Hyle.

Tribute to BJ 3/21/1956 – 1/21/2019 It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we had to say goodbye to the amazing woman, BJ Hyle, way too soon. BJs health took a turn for the worst and she passed away in GA on January 21, 2019. BJ was loved by everyone she met. She was a genuine person with a heart of gold. Always willing to listen and help in literally any way should could. BJ started her career in Advertising and left to...  see more
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  • Angela Tietze
    All of us at ECN worked with BJ for many years: she was the quintessential Traffic Director, working tirelessly, endlessly behind the scenes to take good care of her clients. BJ was patient and had a heart of gold. We will never forget her strong work...  more
  • Michelle  Minsky
    I was completely shocked and saddened when I heard of BJ's passing. She was so kind and loving and did whatever she could to help out. I loved hearing her talk about all of her animals and their shenanigans and all of her home projects she had going on....  more
  • Bridget Young Conley
    Although, I've not had the pleasure of meeting BJ in person, she was always so sweet, and prompt in providing traffic. We here at KOCO in OKC appreciated all she did and will miss her.
  • Stephanie Sciarello
    I've worked with BJ on and off for my entire Zenith career (12 years and counting) and she was the true definition of dedication and dependability. She will be missed <3
  • Sandy Fox
    Words can't express how shocked and saddened I am over the loss of such an amazing woman, BJ. She was always so kind and selfless. She loved caring for her animals and doing fun home projects. I used to lose track of time going to her office to catch...  more
  • Grace Dovey
    I remember for so many years we knew each other, but never met so when we finally did come face to face it was like reuniting with an old friend. We shared a love of animals. You always had a smile on your face and were quick to extend a helping hand. BJ...  more
  • Mary Thornton
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  • Diane Marshall
    My heart fell to the ground when I heard the news of BJ's passing. I am so saddened that we didn't get to catch up after I left the company for Ohio. I could ALWAYS count on BJ with her "can-do" attitude, always putting others concerns before...  more
  • Suzanne Harper Morgan
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    • Suzanne Harper Morgan
      Suzanne Harper Morgan Timothy Turtle. BJ brought him to the office in 1994. He stayed with me a few times. (Eventually we all became roommates for awhile).He is one sweet and very smart turtle. He is missing BJ, too.????
      • January 29, 2019
    • Suzanne Harper Morgan
      Suzanne Harper Morgan ???? Equals sad emoji tears
      • January 29, 2019
  • Suzanne Harper Morgan
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  • Suzanne Harper Morgan
    Dear BJ, I will never, ever forget you.
    You were an amazing friend gone way too soon.
    Hearing BJ passed was a shocker and a heartbreaker. BJ was my boss from 1983-1985, and she was a dream to work for. Very good humored, sweet natured and easy going and the prettiest eyes! Then she had to quit to take care of her mom. We wound up in...  more
  • Sherry Cener
    I am So sorry to hear this May she Rest In Peace. Happy that her beloved animals will be taken care of. It was always a pleasure to work with her while I was at CBS. Rest In Peace 😇
  • Mary Thornton
    BJ you will be missed dearly and will always be close to my heart. May you be at peace my friend xo
  • Mary Thornton
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  • Heather Dulin
    I worked with BJ for quite a number of years and we became friends. When she took her beloved cat Samantha to a vet in southern NJ- she decided to move down to the area and we were but 15-20 min away from each other. As I had already been doing the...  more
    • Heather Dulin
      Mary Thornton Heather this is a beautiful tribute. You really captured BJ’s true spirit in your words. We were like family and she was loved by so many. Her cats were her joy. Every time she found a new one I told her she would be keeping it. She would say no and...  more
  • Dana Lipsic
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