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    May 9, 2021, 11:00 AM Asia/Calcutta

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Vaibhav Kumar

Bharat Bhushan Kumar

August 31, 1951 - May 02, 2021

We created a memorial to celebrate the life of Bharat Bhushan Kumar. He lived his life like a Shehenshah and always wanted to have his life and memories celebrated and cherished. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the Posts section below followed by...  see more

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  • Tyag Sehgal
    Remember Bharat when he was managing CBI at South Extension Branch. This was in 1998. Even after his retirement, CBI staff al other locations admired his integrity and customer satisfaction. This attribute is one of several leadership roles he played. ...  more
  • Tyag Sehgal
    Nimmie, myself and Neil, Priya and Puja are sadden with the loss of dear Bharat. There are no answers to this grim pandemic that we are all facing. Anger and frustrations for policy makers for their in-actions.
    It was always fun to have a drink and...  more
  • Mansi Narula
    It’s with the deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute.
    You were an inspiration in million. You were a man of wisdom - so knowledgeable and full of life. I remember like yesterday when you and aunty used to come over for drinks and papa and...  more
  • Gagan Bhasin
    Bharat jijaji was an epitome of love.. a magnetic personality, an ocean of affection, intelligence and warmth... your going was unexpected and unprepared for you too... you have left us too soon but your fond memories will outlast forever with us...  more
  • Usha Sharma 1
    It's still difficult to believe that Bharat Ji has left all of us. His love and affection for his family and friends was visible in his actions and views and in celebratory moments. His jovial nature will always make us remember him with a smile on our...  more
  • Abhimanyu Kumar
    Papa se punch kr batata hu, was my line till now. Difficult to even think of life without you. You have backed me always, without even asking a question. Difficult to put everything in words, that I'll do with a secret email chat everyday with you papa,...  more
  • shweta malhotra
    One who supports, motivates, up the morale, crack a joke, wise, gives a piece of advise, makes you feel special, appreciate your efforts, be at your side and never cease to smile......this could go endless and yet not do justice to the great persona of...  more
  • Raagini Bhalla
    Cannot come to terms with the fact that Bharat uncle won't come home anymore and won't call us. It feels like a nightmare. Feels like this will end, and soon Masi and uncle will come over and we will spend an evening together. It was taken for granted...  more
    Bhappa, your charismatic personality, beaming smile and affectionate ways will be missed.
    May your blessings always be with all of us.🙏🏽🌹
  • Vandita Vaid
    I will always remember that time when I lost both my parents and Bharat sir said that Vandita from now on I and Sunita are your Guardians. I'm always there for you.
    And I knew that he meant every word he said.
    Today I have again lost a father...  more
  • Bindoo Kumar
    Bhaiya, you’ll always be remembered for your boundless affection, care and devotion towards each and every family member. It’s heartbreaking to know that we won’t get a chance ever again of having you with us in one frame. We may never find the...  more
  • Aashima Sehgal
    If one could write a story about you,
    It would be the greatest ever told
    Of a kind and loving husband, father, grandfather
    A wonderful soul who had a heart of gold.
    Bharat Jijaji, You will be always be in our heart, mind and in memories we treasure
    You...  more
  • Usha Sharma
    Can’t believe that Bharat ji is not with us . He was a social and fun loving gentleman, full of life ,enjoyed life to its fullest. He will always be remembered for his sense of humour and his excellent ability to express himself. We will miss him...  more
  • Monica Dhawan
    Jijaji ...

    You were an epitome of warmth and affection, your aura was so positive, your smile was infectious, your sparkling eyes full of life use to guide others how to live life while spreading happiness around. Though you will not be with us...  more
  • Poonam Dubey
    Bharat was a wonderful person with a generous heart who was always ready to help. Sunil and I will miss our dear friend. He was a loving husband and a grandfather who pampered his grand children! May he rest in peace!
  • Mohindra Malhotra
    Avtar ji and me recall from our young age memories when Bharat jis posting was in Jaipue. Our visits were so frequent and non formal. He was very sincere, well meaning person and helpful. His life was a blessing, his memory a treasure. Words cannot heal...  more
  • gurmohina kaur
    Bharat Kumar ji, the ever helpful, joyous, social & fun-loving gentleman was the life of any gathering. We will forever miss his 'shayari', jokes, witty replies & helping hand. Fare thee well in heaven, in the company of Sai Baba. Om Shanti🙏🙏
    Renu...  more
  • Poonam Kaura
    I’m deeply saddened by this news. The world has lost an incredible life. He lived his life like a king. Baby is suffering the most and I pray to God to gave her strength and hope to face this situation. May her heart heal over time. We will never be...  more
  • Shobha Garg
    Can't still believe that Bharat ji is not with us any longer. He was a man who lived life king size, he was full of zest for life and enjoyed every moment of it. Our group gatherings will never be the same without him. We will miss you Immensely.
  • Sunil Bhalla
    Not only a Shehenshah...but a Dariyadil Shehenshah...that's how Bharat ji will always be remembered. Always willing and eager to help everyone !
    To me He was a caring brother, a true friend and an able Partner...still hoping that it's a scary dream and...  more
  • Pradeep  Trehan
    Still do not believe that you are not among us but it is known that you are with us and your blessings will always be on us, we always miss you Mam ji.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
  • vani soni
    Still cant believe that you are not with us. I just want to pray to god to keep you in the best place in heaven. Rest in peace🙏

    Will miss your Kadak awaaz
    Samjhane ka tareeka
    And all times we have spent together. Still remember the time when...  more
  • Dinesh Chawla
    A true Gem with a Golden heart, beautiful smile and most loving soul which can never be forgotten. He touched everyone's heart in his own magical way. Words can never explain how much we miss you.

    I always see elder brother, protector and guide in you....  more
  • Suneeti Bhalla
    Our guardian angel
  • Rajesh Khanna
    We are deeply saddened by the untimely demise of our beloved Bharat Jijaji. He was a charismatic personality. He was always willing to give helpful hand to whomsoever he could. He had the excellent ability to express himself with eloquent flew liners. He...  more
  • Vaibhav Kumar
    My dad's favourite dancing step. And the happiness he used to get dancing with his grand children.
    Video from vaibhav kumar
  • Amit Malhotra
    • Amit Malhotra
      Amit Malhotra Always be remembered as a person full of life , keep showering your blessings on all of us , you will always be missed.
      • May 7, 2021
  • Kavita Rakhra
    Kavita Rakhra added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Bharat Bhushan Kumar:
  • Kavita Rakhra
    you will always be remembered for your love for life, ever caring attitude and candid laughter that keeps ringing in the ears. we miss your presence so badly that words fail us to convey the grief that each one is going through.
  • Juhi Chawla
    A void which will never be filled again 😞

    I have known Tauji as a person who cherished each moment, celebrated life as a whole and his presence drew radiance and positivity around always

    Your blessings and love will forever be cherished in our...  more
  • Ishank Kr
  • Ishank Kr
    Never ever thought that I will have to start missing Tauji from now on. Because for me Tauji's existence is something I always took for granted and always wanted it to be like that.
    Even the thought of having to start missing him makes me feel scared...  more
  • Kunal Malhotra
    Mamaji you have always been a true inspiration with such a jovial nature. You were a perfect example of how to lead the life with all the responsibilities. Since our childhood you have always enlighten us with your teachings and experience which have...  more
  • Nitika Rai Shukla
    Your laughter keeps ringing in my ears ....your way of sharing, caring and giving will always inspire me Jijaji. Life will not be the same without a shenshah wherever you are. You are and will always be Missed deeply.
  • Nitika Rai Shukla
  • gurmohina kaur
    Papa..💔 will never be the same without your love and protective umbrella...iv lost one of my biggest supporter and in peace papa...keep showering ur blessings...missing u more everyday...
  • Naina Sahney
    I have never met anyone as COOL as you Uncle! ❤️
    I will always remember you as a Jolly, Full of Life, and Dancing on - “Ae meri zoharzabi” song with Sunita Aunty and A Peg in your hand 🍻✨🌸
    Lots of Strength & Love to all
  • Major Bhasker
    Dearest Bharat jee
    Your presence would shower a lovely aura of friendliness and love all around us. You always would be smiling and we consider you an epitome of happiness and cheerful around
  • Ruchika Nagpal
  • Vaibhav Kumar
    Dear Dad, My lasting memory of you will always be the kid you would become with your grandchildren. A man who knew no boundaries when it cam to having fun. Love you and miss you dad.
  • gurmohina kaur
  • Vaibhav Kumar