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    May 7, 2022, 4:00 PM US/Eastern

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Yeni Alcantara

Betsaida Alcantara

December 27, 1983 - February 18, 2022

We created an online memorial and fundraiser to celebrate the life of our dear Betsaida Alcantara. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Betsaida Alcantara, a committed public servant who worked tirelessly to bring change to political institutions and advocate for justice, passed away on Feb. 18th due to a rare ovarian cancer. She was 38.    A beloved daughter, sister, wife, mentor and friend, Betsaida brought joy everywhere she traveled through her kindness, beautiful voice, and seemingly endless capacity to care for others. Her dedication to public service is clear...  see more
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  • L J
    L J:
    My condolences for the loss of your loved one.
    The hurt and pain of losing a loved one is difficult. Please know that God is near to those that are broken-hearted and who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18
    God will wipe away all tears from their eyes and...  more
  • Jessica Battle
    Betsaida was such a beautiful person. I was blessed to have been able to spend time with her and Zack over meals, hang outs, and game nights in Washington, DC. She brought the vocals to karaoke nights...and shut it down! And, I can thank B and Zack...  more
  • Laura  Diamond
  • Katherine Perez
  • Jade Mooc
    I don’t know how my experience will dovetail with others who are writing on here. Some of this stuff will be unique but doubtless much of it will resonate. My wife and I know Betsaida from afar, geographically speaking. As such the times Jade and I...  more
  • Amanda Renteria
    Love this lady - her spirit, her fight, her love for family and friends. ♥️
  • Amanda Renteria
  • Mildred Otero
    Dearest B, hermanita del alma, I’ve struggled to write this…as it would mean this moment is really here. If I’m honest, I’ve been selfishly in denial. But as the days move forward and I find subtle messages you’ve been telling me for a while, I...  more
  • Bibi  Hidalgo
  • Carlos luis  Lockhart
  • Carlos luis  Lockhart
    Dear Friend. I miss you a lot.
    Those of us who met you were very happy, because we witnessed one of the most wonderful beings that life could give.
    as long as life has
    We will never forget you.
    see you soon dear friend!
  • Calvin Snyder
  • Debora Lehrer Laulicht
  • Alisha Johnson Wilder
    Betsaida, your beautiful, vibrant, rich, generous soul has left a void that will never be filled. Your boss energy will never be matched. Your smile and laugh will never leave my heart. I remain humbled and grateful to have shared time on this planet...  more
  • lynne martines
  • Rocio Cardenas Martin
    Betsaida was special and it didn't take long to notice. She was quick to make you feel welcomed, authentic and her continued commitment to helping others was inspiring.
  • Gabochanusa
    RIP my friend. We Miss you!
  • Mary Johnson
    Such a brief week we shared at Omega a few years ago. Yet Betsaida & Zac were engraved on my heart & I will never forget either one of you.
  • Marco De Leon
    B - miss you friend. Thank you for all the good times you shared and for all the support you offered those around you. You were one of my real life heroes. Sending love to you and your family.
  • Selam Gebrekidan
    I often see you in my dreams. Awake, I think of you when I seek grace. Like holding your breath underwater and listening to your heart beat. You are my sister. You will always be that. I hope you will always be in my dreams.

    I remember how the family...  more
  • Sharon Bilek
    I was graced with meeting B & Z at Omega; they became my teachers of YES. I’ve heard that there are some who bring a Light so great to the world that even after they have gone the Light Remains. I’d say this aptly applies, except I’ll never think of...  more
  • Vicki & Norm Ettenger
    Our sweet talented neighbor-we have been deprived of future years of your special presence as we had only just gotten to know you. Our wish is that your family and friends will find that wonderful memories will help to ease their pain of your passing.
  • Kelly Bancroft
    I’ve known Betsaida for about three years. She has inspired me with her courage, strength, compassion, integrity, her healing journey, and bright light within her. Her deep love for her family and generous spirit touched me and I’m sure all who had...  more
  • Aldawlys Rivas
    I met Betsaida in Villa Vasquez when we were both kids, sharing books, singing songs in church and dreaming about life in the future. I am so honored to have been able to cross paths with Betsaida, so bright, smart, full of life, warmth and wisdom. May...  more
  • Jesse Aman
    On behalf of the HFA LatinxCity interns, we are so honored to have crossed paths with a fierce leader like Betsaida. Her memory will live on in each of our lives! with a lot of love, Maryam Chisti, Phil Wilkinson, Gabriela Canela, Cami Montanes and Jesse...  more
  • Christopher Rowley
  • Valerie Cusick
    Betsaida and I were bonded by the same rare cancer. She had a way with words, and connection (even through social media) was her gift. She radiated warmth, yet was fierce in her advocacy for herself and for other women battling cancer. Her introduction...  more
  • Steve Freeman
  • Valerie Cusick
  • Stella Anastasia
    I first met Betsaida and Zac when they bought my house in 2020 and I knew after our first meeting that they were the people I wanted to live there after I was gone. They were both so joyful and filled with kindness, and Betsaida told me months later...  more
  • Jenny Seham
    First time meeting and every time after was magical. She was tending to the flowering trees at her home on Lakeview Road in Copake, NY. We noticed the ‘mariposas’ and were immediate friends. We walked our dogs, sat by the lake, paddled, practiced...  more
  • Jenny Seham
  • GleIdys  Alcantara
    The first time I met betsaida was a wonderful day, she was very kind to me. That day She wanted me to talk about my favorite kind of music, and then I told her about it. To my surprise she never criticized the kind of music I like, on the contrary she...  more
  • Kate Griffith
    I met Betsaida when I started as an attorney at the Workers' Rights Law Center of New York in 2005. She brought an amazing light and brilliance to the work that will forever leave a mark on me. May she rest in peace. Sending love to all of her loved ones.
  • Amy Blumkin
    Betsaida was my neighbor in the ADL office and my partner in our work. And she was my neighbor in the mountains. I felt honored to have seen her in person for a long hike one weekend when she was feeling up for it. From Betsaida, I learned so much...  more
  • Gregory  Flynn
  • Jolene Lester
  • Jackeline Stewart-Hawkins
  • Sabina Matos
    Betsaida, It is so difficult to understand why such a beautiful soul and talented person has left us so soon. People like you should be immortal. I thank the universe for allowing me the joy of meeting you in New Mexico. Thank you for sharing your...  more
  • Sabina Matos
  • Olivia Jane
  • carmen castro
  • j grace
    The night you went into the hospital, Vermont had a rain storm that turned into snow, which come morning transformed the land into a radiant rainbow crystalline ice palace. At the time of your passing the sun came out and all of heaven and earth were...  more
  • Linda Rivera
    Wow. My heart is broken. Betsaida was like a big sister to me since we were kids...we love her and her siblings so much. I have some of the best memories of her from when we were in HS. She was kind, loving, caring, funny, empathetic, and simply one of...  more
  • Laura Garcia
    Mi querida Betsaida,
    Our Yag days and RMM's camp days will always be unforgettable. You always found the time to answer a call or text back regardless how busy you were. You always let me crash at your home whether it was Washington DC, Goshen, or NYC....  more
  • Heather Stonr
  • Jenan Agnihotri
    Although I never Betsaida in person, we talked almost daily. We connected through Facebook. She was my cancer best friend. We had the same type of cancer. We bonded and talked over everything, sharing our ups and downs through this journey. She always...  more
  • rebecalg
  • Darsi Monaco
  • Emily Schmall
    I went to college with Betsaida. Whether rocking out on stage or at an antiwar protest, she was luminous. I have enjoyed watching her career from afar. I look forward to seeing other students supported by her scholarship at Bard.