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Benjamin Scott Ivey

November 17, 1989 - February 09, 2021

With heavy hearts and shocked systems, we grieve the death of our sweet Ben. One of the hardest thing our family has ever had to do was letting the angels carry Ben to heaven. Ben's handprint will always be on our heart. Our family is spread all over the country and when plans have been made to celebrate...  see more

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned." Peter Pan Benjamin Scott Ivey will meet many sweet family members in Heaven as they will wrap their arms around him for us all who loved him and are left here on earth. At this time, the family is asking for privacy as they grieve and heal together. Donations in remembrance of Ben can be made to Eagle Ranch- the website is there is a GIVE tab in the...  see more
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  • Jeaneen Ivey
    Fun times at Gran Gran and Papa’s house with cousins
  • Jeaneen Ivey
    Uncle Frank and Ben, my favorite of Bo and Ben and Jamie and Ben at Calloway Gardens
  • Jeaneen Ivey
    I have put off writing on this memorial site. Maybe if I didn’t we could all wake up and this past month wouldn’t have happened with your passing. If it were only that easy. We are mourning your passing and have been heartbroken with Richard...  more
  • Hannah Beard
  • Desiree Eaden
  • Brooke Pattillo
  • Tammy Carlyle
  • Brian Bagwell
  • Brian Bagwell
  • Missie Davidson
    • Missie Davidson
      Missie Davidson Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
      • February 15, 2021
  • Shanda Schaefer
  • Nick Lucido

    Although I grew up as the oldest in my family, you were always my big Brother.

    I knew you were special at an early age, so much, that every time we were together I acted, dressed, and even tried emulating your thick southern-accent. You captured...  more
  • Jessica Ivey
    It feels like I woke up on the moon without you here. I felt like I had always known you, from the moment I met you. Looking back, maybe God knew we only had so much time together. You always made sure I knew how you much you loved me. I never had to...  more
  • Blake Cantrell
  • Terrian Barnes
  • Tori Sprankel
    Ben was the best "Santa" and we'd just talked about how his job was to always write letters to the girls from Santa (and to eat the cookies). I'm very thankful we had this past Christmas with him and that the girls LOVED loving on him. They...  more
  • william morgan
  • Windy Werts-Ivey
  • Brittney Bennett
  • Jessica Cain
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
    Richard & Cheryl Ivey added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Benjamin Scott Ivey:
  • Hannah Thomas
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
    Richard & Cheryl Ivey added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Benjamin Scott Ivey:
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
    Richard & Cheryl Ivey added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Benjamin Scott Ivey:
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
    Richard & Cheryl Ivey added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Benjamin Scott Ivey:
  • Caitlin Wetherford
  • Jeaneen Ivey
  • Ramona Baskerville
  • Jeanette Schuster
    So funny story
    First time Joe and I met Ben he was 8 months old. We are at Jessica and David’s wedding rehearsal and Joe was in charge of Ben. Ben fell asleep on Joe’s shoulder and all was good. Soon Ben woke up look at Joe started to cry then thre...  more
  • Jeanette Schuster
    Ben, you always had a beautiful smile and a big bear hug. I loved your laugh and wicked humor. Rest easy darling
    We love you
    Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Joe
  • Alyssa Holmberg
  • Jessica Page
    No matter how much time goes by, I will never forget my first boy/girl party with my birthday twin! Life took us in different directions and although we weren’t as close now as we were back then, we always took the time to wish each other happy b-day...  more
  • Jennifer Passmore
  • Anita Frederick
    While I never met Ben personally, I have him to thank for a pup that changed our lives and made everyone happy. Rudy/Bagel would have never shown up at our doorstep and entered the house if Ben hadn’t adopted him (and if mama Jennifer wouldn’t have...  more
  • Joyce Payán
  • Andrea Wild
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
    What can I say, life with Ben was an adventure and totally unpredictable. From an early age, he pushed the boundaries and lived in the extremes with his actions and his emotions. That never changed.

    Ben's life was in many ways a world of contradictions...  more
  • Madison  Grissom
  • Christi Moffett
  • Richard & Cheryl Ivey
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