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Ben Sarkis

In order to commemorate and honor the life of Ben, we ask you upload any photos, videos, stories, or memories you have of Ben in the "memories and condolences" tab. In honor of Ben, his family has asked donations be directed to Mental Health CT or the CT Humane Society. Ben Sarkis (19) was a...  see more

Benjamin Arthur Sarkis, 19, of Marlborough, CT died Saturday, March 13, 2021, in Plymouth, NH. Ben was the beloved son of Michelle (Karlin) and Jon Sarkis, and best friend and brother to Matt Sarkis. He was deeply loved by his father, mother and brother, and will be dearly missed. Ben was a 2019 graduate of RHAM High School in Hebron, CT and was attending Plymouth State University. He was a Dean's List student, studying English. Ben...  see more
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  • Tom Cunningham
    Man, it has taken me a while to digest still hurts to think about, but I only found my way back to this page because I still think of you, Ben.

    I was lucky enough to see much of you growing up, and maybe missed some of the more recent years,...  more
  • Nicole Cohen
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  • Sandra MacDonald
    Sandra MacDonald added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Ben Sarkis:
  • Ashley  Ackert
    I met Ben Fall of 2019. Ben saw me sitting alone at Prospect dining hall and came to talk to me. We exchanged numbers and continued talking. I can’t recall how we started dating, but we spent day after day together for about a month straight. Ben was...  more
  • Amy Talbot
    Ben was a regular fixture in our home over the years. I would see his unmistakable form trundling through the woods or come downstairs to find him contemplating the contents of our fridge. Even now, I look around the house and see random things that...  more
  • Abby Georgiades
    I had the pleasure of getting close to Ben at 4-H camp over the years. He was constantly keeping me on my toes and always making those around him laugh. He was a goofy, outgoing, and an amazing person all around. I’ll never forget him at all the camp...  more
  • Emma Cunningham
    Ben was such a great person. I don’t even know where to start, i knew something was up but I didn’t know it was that bad. I wish I could just have 5 more minutes with him to tell him how much I love him. I remember the last time we spoke, I didn’t...  more
  • Nicole Cohen
  • Paige Cyr
  • Tara Arnold
    From Maura Ramsay:

    Ben has always been a natural entertainer. In third grade, when Michael Jackson had recently passed away, Ben was openly upset about it. So upset, in fact, he felt he needed to fill Michael Jackson’s shoes—and he came close. He...  more
  • Tara Arnold
    From Shaun Keane:

    I had Big Ben in my Stats class and he was an absolute blast. One day in class he was talking about his point of view on Gatsby and I asked if he would share his English presentation in my Stats class. His presentation(which might be...  more
  • Carter Verrengia
  • Tara Arnold
    Jon, Michelle, & Matt,

    Please accept my deepest condolences. There are no words to express how sorry I am for your loss. Jon has been my Boss at work for about 9yrs and he ALWAYS had wonderful hilarious stories about his family - all the boys...  more
  • Aubrianna Darius
    I didn’t know Ben very well but I had a few friends that were close with him. They were very few times I hung out with him and we were in the same Senior English Class. It made me realize that he was one the few people I felt comfortable being around...  more
  • Tara Arnold
    From Erin Hughes:

    In my third grade class I was a very stressed and anxious little girl. Not just me, but a strong majority of my class was very serious when it came to school. Ben was very different, he was the one person to bring laughter, smiles, and...  more
  • Danielle Dempsey
    Thank you Beth Dupre for these great throwback photos❤️
  • Caroline Meyer
    Ben had a certain light, spark, and joy about him that brightened every room. Whether it was a witty joke, a smile in the hall, or a making everyone laugh, Ben had the ability to make everything light hearted and happy. From growing up along side him, I...  more
  • Jack Tarka
  • Marcello Pace
  • Colleen Pace
    I will never forget our trip to the Dominican Republic in 2016. It was one of many fun times with Ben, Matt, Colin and Nick!❤️
  • Kathy Grace
  • Andy Bordick
  • Tara Arnold
  • Beth Dupre
    Thanks for saving the rham youth lax 7th/8th grade season when you volunteered to be the GOALiE for your team! We loved to cheer for you, even if the score was not in our favor. You were a good friend to many of our 'borough boys.
  • Danielle Dempsey
    Ben was truly a special person. He had such a huge personality, and heart, that anybody who met him would never forget him. His ability to challenge every status quo with both intelligence and humor is something that is rare. He was the student that had...  more
  • Tara Arnold
    What I loved most about Ben is his uniqueness. He always made me think about things in a different light. He never cared about what was supposed to be, but always made his own path. usually with little regard for the consequences. He made me laugh out...  more