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Halana Kaleel

Antone Irwin Kaleel (Michael James Bennett)

November 03, 1959 - November 30, 2020

This online memorial for my dad Antone Irwin Kaleel (Michael James Bennett) is to allow his friends and family to share good memories and pictures. Losing my dad has been incredibly difficult for those who loved him, but it will bring us so much joy to hear and remember the good times. Thank you to everyone...  see more

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  • Shaya Kirkpatrick
  • Shaya Kirkpatrick
  • Alison McTavish
    I met Mike during a gig I was playing at the thunderbird in Pittsburgh in 2005, he was friends with my friend and the guitarist through the car business. I had seen Slasher on IFC the year before and I heard some guy talking and was like, I know that...  more
  • Shaya Kirkpatrick
  • Shaya Kirkpatrick
  • Shaya Kirkpatrick