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David Rosenthal

Ann Metcalf

March 18, 1940 - September 13, 2020

We hope sharing together as a community will give us all a chance to celebrate and reflect on Mom's life. As we plan a future gathering, we will share details here. --Dave and Steve

Ann Metcalf, of Kensington, CA, died Sunday, September 13, 2020, at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland. Born on March 18, 1940, to Archie Hillyer (d. 1979) and Dorothy Miller (nee Hillyer, d. 2003), Ann was raised in Muscatine, IA, and graduated Valedictorian from Muscatine High School in 1958. After earning a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1962, she moved to Washington D.C., where she married William...  see more
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  • Xiaoxi (Sofie) Wei
  • Molly Rosenthal
    Just want to thank everyone who was at the memorial yesterday. Folks who were there heard me read this out loud, but I want to post it hear too. Some of my favorite memories with Grandma Ann:

    One of my favorite memories of Grandma Ann is when she...  more
  • Dawn Schrey Colvin
    Brett and Ann in August 2019.
  • Dawn Schrey Colvin
    I met Ann when I worked in the Provost’s Office at Mills College. My son got to meet her a couple of years ago, when he was 5, when I began helping her sort through her papers and taxes. She loved having Brett visit. He loved spending time drawing at...  more
    • Dawn Schrey Colvin
      David Rosenthal Thanks for sharing, Dawn, and thanks for the picture.
      • March 26, 2021
  • Sheryl Ruzek
    Ann was a grad student at Stanford when we met at Scientific Analysis. She was funny, irreverent, and exuded an energy and enthusiasm that carried her through triumphs and troubles. We had babies, struggled over publishing and perishing, finally landed...  more
  • HillyerAg
    My condolences to Ann's family, I am a cousin and Ann's Father Archie would have been my dad Nelson L Hillyers brother. I think I met Ann as a very small boy, but know my brother David new Ann. THey are about the same age. Again my Condolences, Ann was a...  more
    • HillyerAg
      David Rosenthal Thank you, Tom, for your post. It’s nice to hear from some of Mom’s family in Iowa. Thank you for your kind words. All the best.
      • February 7, 2021
  • Diane  Sesko
    So I could only think right now of all the conversations I'd be having with my aunt night now. But I be having another one hour phone conversation what can I say I miss her right about now
  • Janice Stockard
    Thinking of Ann -- and finding it hard to believe that she and I knew each other across a full fifty years! We met when I was an undergraduate and she was my anthropology teacher and fieldwork mentor. Later we became colleagues and grew to be good...  more
  • David Rosenthal
    David Rosenthal added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Ann Metcalf:
    Ann, Steve, David, August 1968
  • David Rosenthal
    From Jennie R. Joe:

    Ann was many things to me: a sister, a friend, and a lifelong colleague.

    We met while she was a doctoral student at Stanford and I at UC Berkeley. I do not remember if she ever explained how she found me, but her initial request...  more
  • Diane  Sesko
  • Bruce Vermazen
    Bruce Vermazen added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Ann Metcalf:
    U of Chicago Yearbook
  • Bruce Vermazen
    I met Ann at the U of Chicago in 1958, through our mutual friend, Liz Truninger, a Muscatine transplant like Ann. We dated a little, but mostly we were just friends who laughed together over coffee or at parties. We lost touch after college but renewed...  more
  • David Rosenthal
    Today, the Mills Campanil featured this lovely notice about Mom:
  • Marilyn McEntyre
    What a delight she was! I will miss her sorely. We used to carpool to Mills, talking nonstop, and later have long phone conversations that were edgy and fun and full of her wonderful laugh. These past years we'd just meet at her table over wine and...  more
  • kathleen winters
    Such fond memories of Ann, who was a friend to my family for decades. Her passion for the people and things she cared about was a joy to behold, as was her dazzling intellect. She will be dearly missed by many far and wide.
  • Ann Bardacke
    I knew Annie when we were both refugees from the University of Chicago- she because she graduated, I because I dropped out. We became very close friends, confidants and she was someone who supported me emotionally though hard times. We lost touch many...  more
  • Diane  Sesko
    I Wii really miss my Aunt Ann after my mom died she really stepped up and helped me out. I will miss 1800 ask a aunt.
  • David Rosenthal
    Welcome everyone. Please post you memories, stories, thoughts, photos, etc. We are hoping this site will be a space for sharing and reflection about our Mom's life.

    Stephen and David Rosenthal