• Alberto's Memorial Service

    Jul 11, 2020, 2:00 PM Australia/Sydney

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Andreia Virmond

Alberto Elfes

September 09, 1953 - July 05, 2020

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Alberto Elfes. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Alberto Elfes was a loving husband to Noemia, an adored father to Cristiane and Albert, and an affectionate grandfather to Gabriel. In his professional life, Alberto was the Chief Research Scientist of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at CSIRO's Data61 in Brisbane, Australia. Alberto has been a huge influence and a powerful force in the robotics community worldwide. He joined CSIRO in 2011 as the Robotics Science Leader for...  see more
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  • Alexandre Leite
    Conheci Alberto em um congresso no Brasil, em Búzios, em 2013. Alberto foi um dos convidados especiais dos organizadores do evento. Acabo de encontrar seu cartão de visitas dentre uma de minhas caixas de livros e prontamento fui pesquisar a respeito...  more
  • Juan Nieto
    I met Alberto right at the beginnig of my Phd, almost 20 years ago when I visited JPL. Without knowing me, he took time to explain me lots of projects they were working on, and asked me lots of questions about my research and ideas. I met him again like...  more
  • Y P
    Y P:
    Keith and I remember Alberto as a wonderful Bible teacher in the late 1980s at the Pittsburgh Chinese Church. He and Joe Chow led the college group at the church, and even older adults who were not of college age came to the class; that's how good the...  more
  • Christian Richter
    I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family, close relatives and friends of Alberto.
    Before moving to Germany in 2017, I had the honor to work closely with Alberto in his role at CSIRO. It is really hard to put it in words, there are...  more
  • Paulo Drews Jr
    The short but intense time period of which I had the pleasure and privilege of sharing with Alberto was great. Alberto was not only great mentor during my stay in CSIRO-Australia, but he was also a great friend. Thus, I need to thank you Alberto. I need...  more
  • Jonatas Sant'Anna Santos
    Alberto Elfes was an inspiration to me. His research opened my eyes to approximate my PhD research to planetary exploration using airships. He was a leader that also inspired many others of the Lighter-Than-Air community. On behalf of the LTA Technical...  more
  • Paulo Vinicius
    A few messages from friends from CTI in Brazil
  • Andreia  Virmond
    Homenagem do Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel Mamiraua: Pesquisador era parceiro do Instituto Mamirauá e participou da missão precursora do Projeto Providence, em 2016
  • Andreia  Virmond
    A message from Sue Keay from CSIRO.
    Sue Keay on LinkedIn: #robotics | 15 comments
  • Andreia  Virmond
    Homenagem do Grupo de Robótica da SBC (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação)
    SBC Robótica
  • Andreia  Virmond
  • Andreia  Virmond
    Homenagem do Centro de Robotia da USP:
    Centro de Robótica da USP
  • Andreia  Virmond
    Alberto Elfes morreu no último dia 04, em Brisbane, Austrália.
    Elfes foi uma das mais brilhantes cabeças brasileiras na área de tecnologia.
    Teve atuação destacada na área acadêmica e à frente de laboratórios como o CTI-Campinas, o Jet...  more
    Alberto Elfes morreu no último dia 04,... - Paulo Roberto Mirand
  • Andreia  Virmond
    Homenagem da Associação dos Engenheiros do ITA
  • Andreia  Virmond
    CTI Renato Archer faz homenagem póstuma ao pesquisador Alberto Elfes:
    CTI Renato Archer faz homenagem póstuma ao pesquisador Alberto E
  • Roberto Lopes
    I praise Jesus, the Lord, for Alberto’s life. I met him in 1974 at the university, in a Bible study group. At that time he became responsible for my discipleship and walked with me in my first steps in Christ. I am thankful to have learned with him...  more
  • Erwin Prassler
    It was 30 years ago, when we met the first time. I, a young robotics scientist from Germany, you, a giant in robotics research already. Already in our first meeting I realised that you are special, not only as a scientist but as a person.
    It took me...  more
  • Keith  Birchley
    Though I only knew Alberto for a few short years (for him in his 60’s, for me in my late 50’s) we struck up what was for me a really significant friendship way out of proportion to its length. Alberto has had a deeply affirming impact on my life,...  more
  • Michael Thompson
    I got to know Alberto in the last year through church activities. It was an absolute privilege to learn about his passion for God and for science when he spoke at our church earlier this year. My prayers go out to his family.
  • Henry Wong
    I met Alberto in the late 1980s at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Between 1987-1990, I attended a church where Alberto taught Sunday School. As an undergraduate in his spiritual formative years, I benefited from his teaching - always faithful,...  more
  • Jeffery Hall
    I worked with Alberto for many years at JPL and have many fond memories of early morning blimp field tests and numerous discussions about robotics and space exploration. I was sad to see him leave JPL but was happy that he was able to find such a good...  more
  • Franz and Eleonore Toelle
    I am Albertos’ cousin and I was like him born and grew up in Brazil. He has been to me like my dearest brother and a great idol with all his diverse talents. I thank him for his sincere love and loyalty to me and he inspired me especially through his...  more
  • Cookies Tran
    Through all the years of which I had the privilege of working under Alberto, not only was Alberto a great mentor at work but both he and Noemia had taken our whole family in and treat us as family members. Alberto and Noemia were always there with kind...  more
  • Raja Jurdak
    Alberto was a great colleague, mentor and friend to myself and many at CSIRO. I always appreciated the friendly and insightful discussions with him.
  • Larry Matthies
    It was my pleasure and privilege to know and work with him in grad school at CMU. He was a very warm-hearted guy with a well-balanced philosophy of life, and together with Hans Moravec he made seminal contribution to robotics while we were there. He's...  more
  • Christian Heim
    Noemia may miss his kindly smile
    His family may have lost a loving father and grandfather
    The world may have lost a rich deep thinker
    I may have lost a wonderful friend
    But surely Christ has found a devoted servant
    And we are all richer for having known Alberto.
  • Peter Corke
    Alberto joined CSIRO after I left. I knew him by reputation and I'm sorry that I didn't know him better personally. In our few short meetings I was struck by his quiet humour, his smile, the twinkle in his eye and his intellect.
  • Ryan James Steindl
    Alberto was and inspiration and mentor, able to inspire ideas bordering on imposible and justify them with stimulating questions, vision, and rationale. Albertos passion and support was second to none. The work we undertook together will stick with me...  more
  • Isaias Borges de Souza Junior
    Isaias Borges de Souza Junior added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Alberto Elfes:
  • This photo was taken in 1979 during our graduation event, class T79 of computing at ITA, where the dear master Alberto Elfes was one of our dearest teachers. Even then, he showed himself as a focused, good-hearted, very human Christian who respected...  more
  • Gregg Podnar
    Gregg Podnar added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Alberto Elfes:
  • C H
    C H:
    Alberto Elfes, a dear friend of the international community in Brisbane, Australia.

    Together with his wife Noemia, they have blessed us with a home to visit during festivities, and also whenever we needed to be with 'family'. Over a meal we would share...  more
  • Elliot Duff
    Alberto Elfes was a man of immense personal and professional integrity. He was always willing to listen, and has been a valued and trusted confidant for nearly a decade. I will miss our lively chats with the whiteboard in his office - arguing over the...  more
  • Navinda Kottege
  • Navinda Kottege
  • Fred Pauling
    Alberto was one of the warmest and most generous human beings I have ever known. His smile seemed to take over his whole body and radiate a comforting glow. Alberto somehow made you feel at ease and able to say almost anything without fear of judgement....  more
  • John Lew
    I met Alberto when he and Noemia arrived at our Brisbane church several years ago. Reflecting many of the sentiments by his professional colleagues below, those of us who met him at church were equally touched by his friendliness, humility, joy and most...  more
  • Eleri Cardozo
    Noemia, Alberto, Cristiane and Albert were my family in Pittsburgh during my PhD studies between 1983 and 1987 at CMU. Here, I reproduce a paragraph in the acknowledgments section of my PhD thesis: "Special thanks to Alberto Elfes, my dear friend...  more
  • Renato Sanabria
    Alberto was one of the most inspiring persons I have ever known. Today I realize how lucky (and grateful) I am to have had him as a role model early on in my carrear, during my internship at CSIRO. He will always be a reference for me, not only of a...  more
  • Bruno Azevedo
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  • Bruno Azevedo
    Alberto was a great leader and inspiration for me! Always kind with everyone, humble and curious. The day I landed in Los Angeles in 2010 for my MSc internship, he pick me up in the airport and took me for dinner with him and Noemia in their house, where...  more
  • Joseph Chow
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  • Joseph Chow
    Joseph Chow added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Alberto Elfes:
  • Joseph Chow
    Joseph Chow added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Alberto Elfes:
  • Gregg Podnar
    Gregg Podnar added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Alberto Elfes:
  • Marcus Hoerger
    I've known Alberto since 2012 when I joined CSIRO as a research intern. He then later became my PhD co-supervisor during my time at the University of Queensland. In fact, Alberto is the one who encouraged me to pursue a PhD in the first place.

    It is...  more
  • Paulo Vinicius
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  • Paulo Vinicius
    Alberto was an amazing roboticist and an extraordinary human being. I consider myself privileged to have had him as a mentor, "boss", colleague and friend. I learned a lot from him about robots - but I learned much more about life! Once, when he was my...  more
  • Hanna Kurniawati
    I met Alberto a couple of weeks after I arrived in Australia and am fortunate enough to have collaborated with him in the past eight years.

    I knew Alberto had made important contributions in robotics: His method laid the groundwork of one of the most...  more
  • Wilson Pizzatto
    I met Alberto in Curitiba in 1973, at the time he was driving a Volkswagen Beetle that could barely fit inside. At ITA, through ABU I was able to be with him a few times. Despite being a big man, he had a soft heart. My condolences to the family.