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Triana Kalmanoff

Alan Kalmanoff

September 28, 1942 - August 01, 2019

It would mean a lot to our family if you would contribute your favorite Kal stories and photos here for us all to share, allowing him to live on. For those interested in the film played during his celebration of life, here is the link: ...  see more

Dear Friends and Family, With great sadness, we would like to announce the death of our beloved husband and father, Kal (Alan Kalmanoff). He courageously battled stage four lung cancer for almost three years, after thriving for over thirteen years with a heart transplant. He was lively, joyful, and fully present, right up until he passed. An hour prior, he let us know he was in no pain at all and passed away peacefully in his sleep...  see more
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  • Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi
    Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Alan Kalmanoff:
  • Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi
    Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Alan Kalmanoff:
    • Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi
      Abdullah Alkayat Alazemi To me, Kal has not passed away. I can feel his soul flying around Berkeley. I truly miss him.
      • January 16, 2020
  • Samantha Hennessey
    Candice, Triana and Annalise,
    I just watched the beautiful film you made of Kal and a rush of memories came back to me. Thank you so much for sharing it and for making this site in honor of Kal's life. I very much wish I could have been there in person...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Qatana Samasan:

    Kal was my cousin, 7 years older than I. We spent Thanksgivings and Passovers together at our grandparents' house on Long Island. He was a terrible tease, even then. I was called 'Jeni' back then. He would always say "Here comes...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Angela Palermo:

    This is a note I sent to Kal just after the last time we spoke, which was one week before he died. I shared this with Candice, Triana and Annalise and they encouraged me to post it. Today, on Kal's birthday, following a wonderful...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Cristol Park:

    Dearest Kal, Candice, Triana and Annalise,

    Words cannot speak to how precious your family is to us. It all started when Kal took a chance on me many, many years ago and I started working for ILPP. You've seen me through so many life...  more
  • Rose Villazor
    Dear Kal,

    Thank you for your generosity and kindness; for welcoming us to your homes (in Berkeley and Perpoli); for being a mentor and colleague; for being a wonderful friend. We miss you very much. We love you.

    - Rose, Rodney, Reese and Riley
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Joseph Park:

    Dearest Kal, thanks for being a great friend, mentor, helper, and advisor. Your family has always welcome us with smile and kindness, and you always wanted to help and give. You always wanted to share everything and anything,...  more
  • Barbara Cromwell
    Happy Birthday Dear Kal. I am forever grateful to Kal, Candice, Triana and Analise for taking such good care of my Lucas' heart. Kal was determined to make the connection and gave us unconditional friendship and love. Forever in our hearts.
  • Anthony  Solana
    I met Kal after he published a job posting in the Daily Californian looking for someone to assist him with daily tasks. At the time, I worked as a Community Service Officer at the UC Berkeley Police Department. I was an undergrad student and was trying...  more
    • Anthony  Solana
      Anthony Solana I am going to miss you my dear friend.
      • October 3, 2019
  • John Swartzberg
    Thank you, Kal, for being an important part of my life for over 40 years. Our friendship grew slowly and that added to its great depth. I cherish the love we held for each other. While I deeply miss you, you feel your presence; that offers a great...  more
  • Nancy Isaac
    Larger than Life. That’s how I referred to Kal whenever I described my big cousin. He lived large, shared his contagious enthusiasm for life and passioned criticism of injustices small and large with his family, friends and colleagues. He never...  more
  • Amy Lewis
  • Amy Lewis
    Dear Candice, Triana and Annalise:

    I think of Kal in constant motion, always busy, working, doing, planning, feeding Global, watering plants, sailing, on his rowing machine, driving his red Corvair with the top town, talking to us, recording voice...  more
  • Amy Lewis
    Dear Candice, Triana and Annalise:

    I met Kal at the field interrogation project that the Institute for Law and Policy Planning had been contracted to perform for the San Diego Police Department. It was in the mid 70's and I was one of the officers...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Triana Kalmanoff added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Alan Kalmanoff:
  • Arlene Cosca
    Kal’s Celebration of Life
    I met Kal through Candice, my college roommate. I found Candice 15 years after college at Kirala, sushi bar. I was 28 weeks pregnant with twins and severely anemic. I thought that eating raw fish would improve my anemia. To my...  more
  • My father was Georges Gallois, a great friend of Kal's, from France. When I was 16, I spent sometime at Kal's house in Oakland, I had such a wonderful time... He was a very good man, a wonderful person and that's the way I remember him. My condolences to...  more
  • Isilda Gallois Albuquerque Costa
    Isilda Gallois Albuquerque Costa added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Alan Kalmanoff:
  • Germano Melissano
    I am so terribly sad that Kal is no longer with us and so happy and grateful and honoured I could enjoy his friendship for many years.
    A bug tight hug to all the family
  • Germano Melissano
    Germano Melissano added 8 photo(s) to the memorial Alan Kalmanoff:
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Carole King:
    I met Kal in 1968, when he taught Social Welfare 100 at Berkeley, after his law school degree but before the PhD. I made long term friendships in that class, including with him. He introduced me and others to psychiatrist Russ Lee's huge...  more
  • Michael  Jack
    Kal was one of those once met never forgotten individuals. His sharp intellect and strongly held opinions always made conversations with Hal stimulating occasions. Alison and I always knew that all this was going on against the background of his his...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Laura Stevenson, Italy:

    I first met Kal and his young family in early 2005 I think, when he wanted my advice (as an architect and resident expatriate) about whether to buy the large ruined house that had captured their hearts, perched on a hilltop in...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Stu Richel, New York City:

    Kal and I became friends in high school. Went our separate ways thereafter. Come January of 1970, I arrived back at the Oakland Army Air Terminal, after a year in Vietnam. Filled out some forms, was given a green, military...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Jose Castro:

    Dear family
    With a sad spirit, I received the news of my friend Kal's departure.
    He was more than a client, he was a friend, a counselor, almost a father to me.
    He was one of my first clients, I drove and maintained 3 different sailboats...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Subiksh Chandrashekar:
    I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through right now. Kal's inspiration, wisdom, and magnetic personality will deeply be missed.

    Kal was not just a boss who gave me a...  more
  • Beverly Hennessey
    Michael, Beverly, Samantha & Meredith Hennessey
    Kal has been a friend to our family for over three decades. Mike first met Kal when they were team teaching for the National Institute of Corrections at a jail management course in Colorado. Mike was...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Chenshu Liu, Bay Area:
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of Kal.

    Words are never adequate in moments like these. My wife, Ruijun, and I would like you to know that our hearts go out to you, and we will always remember fondly of Kal,...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Aoy, Thailand:
    Sending this e mail with tears.I am very sorry to hear about Kal ‘s passing. He will be missed by you, daughters ,family and all of us ,always .He will always remain in our hearts ,his love and kindness will forever be with us.I believe...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    Lynnette Taylor, New York:
    Kal will be sorely missed. My world already feels a little darker. The altar is lit and I am sending prayers and love for his journey.

    I am so grateful he was in my life. Kal was bigger than life itself, a phoenix rising again...  more
  • Georgie  Ziff
    We first met Kal and Candice when they moved next door after losing their home in the Oakland Hills fire of 1991. Right away, I could see that they were a warm, creative, and engaging couple, and they transformed what had been a student house - I think...  more
  • Triana Kalmanoff
    James Kilgore, Champaign-Urbana Illinois:
    I met Kal in 2O13 when he came to Champaign IL where he was hired as a consultant by the county to study the feasibility of building a new jail. I was part of Build Programs, Not Jails, a local group that...  more
  • Zetheros
    My condolences - Candice, Triana, and Annalise.

    Kal was a mentor, and gave me my first job during my lowest point in life. He had this amazing ability to instantly connect with anyone, and was incredibly kind, charismatic, strong of heart and wise....  more
  • Citania Tam
    t’s with a very heavy heart to learn the passing of Kal......
    I’ve been thinking of him recently. May be that’s the way he’s saying goodbye to his friends by showing up in our thoughts?
    I should have contacted him when he suggested we should...  more