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Liz and I met when our daughters happened to be in the same dance class at the YMCA when they were just 4 years old. We quickly realized we lived 2 blocks away from each other and from then on Calleigh, Hanna and Jess became inseparable through their grade school years. Liz was like a second mom to them and was a rock solid friend to me. From the girl’s countless sleepovers, weekend adventures, backyard BBQs, lemonade stands, burger night at O’Donovan’s, hanging out at Grizzlies, there were so many fun times together. Liz was the one to go out of her way to drop off a coupon, share a recipe, bring you vegetables from her garden and always lend a helping hand. Liz always had a positive attitude and a zest for life. I am so grateful for our friendship and will cherish all the memories for the years to come.