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Jennifer DiMauro is an amazing person and packs a whole lotta personality into such a petite being. She’s a good person to her core – loving, thoughtful, compassionate… She's truly thoughtful and organized about it– always writing cards when special dates arose (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). For those who know her well, she can be sarcastic, with a dry sense of humor. She’s not only very smart and hard working, but she’s naturally intelligent – with a vocabulary that could stun even the most well-read. Jen likes to read – not only psychological research and articles, but also library books….as in she checks out books from the library (!!). She knows her way around the kitchen – making delicious homemade sushi and great desserts (always keeping in mind which person was allergic to which ingredient). Everyone who knows her knows she loves her cat children and her husband, Kyle. The Jen I know doesn’t judge others – she champions the underdog or mistreated. Her charisma is unmatched and her wisdom enviable.

I use the present tense because she is still around us… I believe just in a different form. Whether Jen may be in Heaven or even reincarnated, I keep her with me, hoping she continues to guide me….I miss you. I love you. Until I see you again. May your soul be at peace.