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Jon was a brilliant man. He was very well rounded. He was highly articulate, and linguistically, technically, mathematically and mechanically savvy. While many of us often doubted whether certain things could be done he seemed to think almost anything was possible. Jon was a man on the side of the people. He was an environmentalist and he loved the outdoors. Many trips out portaging and camping with his wife and children. This was his happy place. Jon was a family man. He loved any occasion to bring family together. When COVID happened he set up a weekly Zoom call where we could all gather. This opened up a whole other way to see all of us on a regular basis. The highlight of every week for me. He was a vegetarian who loved to bake fresh bread. He was passionate about food which I think is a family trait but he also loved the process of making it. When I told him that I found it easier to buy bread from my local bakery he said to me, “I think you are missing the point”. Jon was clever and his humour was subtle. Jon and I got into many passionate political discussions and the exercise of it was always exciting to me. Over many meals and glasses of wine at my place in Vancouver he always left me with something to think about. Another angle or way of looking at something. I loved that about him. He was unique and admirable and I will miss him dearly.