• Speak Your Peace! Virtual Zoom Memorial !!!

    Jul 5, 2020, 1:00 PM US/Mountain


    There will be a poem! a song! some family sharing, a slideshow of Wes' life, then we'll open it up to everybody to share.  
    Please join Wes's Virtual Memorial Event on July 5th, 1pm mountain, noon pacific.

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Wes Marshall, DVM

Contribute your memory: we created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Dr. Wes ~ Wes Marshall, DVM. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort and great fun! . We plan a virtual gathering, now scheduled on July 5th @ 1pm mountain. Please contribute your...  see more

Click here to view the virtual Celebration of Life held for Wes Marshall on July 5th, 2020   Ekalaka, Montana   Wesley Dale Marshall, DVM, 85, died Friday October 11th, 2019 at the Dahl Memorial Nursing Home in Ekalaka,...  see more
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  • Dallas  White
    Well reading like a Western novel Dr. Wes’ memorial is at high noon for us on the West coast.

    The main thing that stands out to me is friendship. Through thick and through thin Wes was a wonderful friend to the us at the “White House”. Whether it...  more
  • Helen Harris
    Kerri first introduced me to Wes and Jody when I was still a relatively "newbie" veterinarian. It wasn't long before I became a part of the West Valley Vet clinic "family". I was immediately impressed by the quality of medicine they...  more
  • Susan Fleszar
    Mark and I remember the first time we were waiting to meet Wes and Joan and family when we were in Colorado for Sara and Matt's wedding. We weren't quite sure what they looked like as we watched people come into the room. After a while we saw a...  more
  • Marby Hambright
    Dear Dr Wes (!) You were such a force of nature for the Mid Coast Veterinary Medical Association and the Central Coast. I got to work with you when you were President of the MCVMA - as well as doing relief work at your veterinary clinic in Lompoc. Your...  more
  • Patty Carlson
    Lifelong memories aren't easy to share, just because of the sheer volume, so I'll just touch on some of the highlights and fondest memories of my wonderful Uncle Wes, and let you use your imagination. One of my earliest memories is the 14-hour Monopoly...  more
  • Kerri Marshall
    Poem: Wes’s poem prepared together in the summer of 2019 with Kerri for the Alzada Cowboy Poetry Festival from conversations with Kerri - his words CAPITALIZED

    RINGING CHURCH BELLS call me from my sleep
    I feel like...  more
  • matt marshall
    oh seriously where to start with dad? i'll share more at the virtual memorial (see event info at right bottom) but here's one:

    i remember him galloping mongo (appaloosa) at surf beach in california ... and literally disappearing before my eyes :...  more