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Vivian Lazzaro

We created a memorial guestbook to celebrate the life of Vivian Lazzaro. Collecting your stories and memories here will help us to honor our wonderful mother and her wishes. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

We will remember Vivian as a generous, vivacious, strong, no-nonsense woman who loved travelling, dancing, cooking, gardening, and spending time with those she loved.  She died peacefully in her sleep and we were by her side.  Since Vivian was unable to speak for the last 6 months of her life, she ended up using a lot of hand signals to communicate with us. For those of you who are her dance friends, we'll mention that, as she was...  see more
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  • Lazzaroli Pasta
    This is Tom Lazzaro, Vivian's Cousin. I wanted to write something since I won't be able to attend this afternoon. I have such fond memories of frequent visits to Uncle Joe and Aunt Marie's as a youth...eating way too much. And Vivian was a part of those...  more
  • Suzanne Benincasa
    Continued- We found we had lots in common, and had many great conversations. I also met Arlene there,and
    the three of us were always happy to see each other, on a saturday night. Vivian introduced us to Argentine tango, and wetook outitI’ll always...  more
  • Suzanne Benincasa
    I first met Vivian at the Peppermint, in the mall, at Plymouth meeting. I was immediately drawn to her warmth, beautiful smile, and friendliness. I was newly divorced, and a single mother, and she made feel comfortable, and welcome, right away. Weo
  • Eric Rappaport
    Vivian had tremendous strength, compassion, intelligence and a sense of purpose that guided her and her loved ones through life. I will always think of her as teacher whose classroom extended to all she knew.
  • Cynthia H
    From Donna & Jim:

    "Vivian was a beautiful person and a wonderful dancer who graced our Argentine Tango dance floors at Collegeville, Pottstown and Ardmore. She also introduced me to Jackie and Roberto's Secret Tango Garden (with the tree...  more
  • Carole Lukoff
    My heart smiles when I think of Vivian and the friendship we shared for almost 44 years. So many happy memories made together with my strong, intelligent, insightful, caring, beautiful dear friend. May her memory forever be a blessing.
  • Flavio machado
    This is from Aunt Roberta....
    During the few years that there were two Vivians living on Souder st we needed a way to distinguish them... big Viv and little Viv not only accounted for age but also height and girth.... they both used the same PCP in...  more
  • Cynthia H
    From Sandra A. Beck:
    "It was a sad moment to learn that Vivian’s life was taken at such a young age. My prayer is that she is finally resting in a happy place. She surely was one of the kindest, generous souls I have known. We both loved ballroom and...  more
  • Doug Raymond
    Vivian was a lovely and enthusiastic dancer, especially in Argentine Tango, and a good friend since my earliest days at the Peppermint Dance Club, and at Collegeville Tango hosted by Carlos and Carol. She was cheerful and thoughtful, followed well but...  more
  • Arlene Martin
    When I met Vivian we both were attending ballroom classes at the Peppermint Dance Club in Plymouth Meeting. After chatting a bit we found we both had graduated from Bishop Kenrick High School. Since that time we searched out each other at ballroom...  more
  • Lois Loe
    What at beautiful picture of a beautiful person. Vivian was so natural and gracious sharing her lovely home and superb cooking with the "tango girls." These were events to look forward to along with gatherings at restaurants and other homes. ...  more
  • Richard Helzner
    Sadly Vivian was taken from us too soon.I’ll always will remember her as a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile.
    She had the courage of her convictions and wouldn’t back down if she thought she was right.
    She raised two wonderful...  more
  • Cynthia H
    From Anthony & Florence Lazzaro:
    "Memories of our niece Vivian,will remind us of her beautiful smile and cheerful laugh. Our rare times together were so special, enjoying dinner with her and Mike Smith and catching up on events in her life and...  more
  • michael helzner
    The dissolution of a youthful marriage does not necessarily extinguish the feelings that were once its cornerstone. They are in my opinion merely blunted in our agedness.The human heart has and will always be the most sublime double-agent.

    Though the...  more
  • Cynthia H
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    ~Cindy & Alex~