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Anna Ballard

Virginia "Ginny" Ballard

October 29, 1953 - August 19, 2021

We created this memorial page to celebrate the life of Ginny Ballard. Below you will find links to her obituary, Ginny's own account of her greatest joys and memories, where to donate in lieu of flowers, and details for the services.

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  • Jody Palm
    My best friend for more than 50 years. I'm devastated that she has died, even though I knew her health was not good. I wish someone had told me she died, but I understand. Ginny and I met when we were 10 years old, going into junior high school. Her...  more
  • Clare Lygo
  • Clare Lygo
    What a truly special person. We miss you Ginny. I miss you Ginny!

    Ginny & I first met a few years back when she visited my bookstore in Falmouth. Initially she only had Copper Lee but then one day she appeared with Tessi nestled inside her vest...  more
  • Clare Lygo
  • Clare Lygo
  • Susan Rankin
    I remember when Ginny came home from the 'Cradle" in Evanston. It was a very big deal to add another cousin to a large group of us, especially in this way. I remember she was very pretty. I was about 11 years older. Soon I was allowed to baby sit...  more
  • Terry Stevens
    Ginny was invaluable in caring for our parents at the Island Commons, allowing them both to receive exceptional care without leaving their beloved Island. She spoke truth in her regular phone/visit updates which weren't always easy to hear but were so...  more
  • Cynthia Myers
    I can't exactly recall the first time I met Ginny, but it was in the 1970's either at the Ballard's house in Barrington or in Evanston. I was in Nursing School and Ginny was in PA School and we shared many stories of medical adventures. When she and...  more
  • Elizabeth Como
    This is Liz, from the Massage School (NHITA) where Ginny taught for many years. She passed on her classes to me and I always felt I had HUGE shoes to fill. I don't have quite the collection of stories that she told, but dang it, I try to do her proud....  more
  • Ivy Anderson
    I am so grateful for Aunt Ginny and cherish the memories I have of her. She was a role model of strength, commitment, love, devotion, and selflessness. Words can not describe how much I will miss her.
  • Pamela Harwood
    • Pamela Harwood
      Pamela Harwood Gin always made room for Annie on the couch when we joined her for a cuppa.
      • August 27, 2021
  • Pamela Harwood
    We knew Gin’s death was coming, but it is devastating nonetheless. As Hugh’s mum would say (in her English accent), "Ahhh, she was a one." Those of us lucky enough to have known and loved her, and been loved by her, are better people for our...  more
  • Ted Ballard
    Ginny explains, with attentive Kids
  • Ted Ballard
    From Ellis Boal

    Though I didn't see her much in recent years, Ginny was one of my favorite people in the world.
    During college in the summer of 1963 Granny employed me as her "tutor" to do odd jobs and look after the younger kids at...  more
  • Beverly Johnson
    Ginny received the Seabury Award from the Island Council in recognition for her self-less and heartfelt devotion to the healthcare needs of Chebeaguers.
  • Rosalie Weagle
    Family time-Ginny with the kids at the book store💜
  • Ted Ballard
    On the porch at Khatmandhu, coffee in hand