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Virgil Vogt

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Virgil Vogt . Collecting your stories and memories here will be a meaningful way to reflect together on Virgil's life and impact. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Our beloved Virgil Vogt was called hometo Christ on November 2,2021. After living with Parkinson’sdisease for 14 years, he passed awaypeacefully, ready to meet the Lord he sofaithfully served throughout his life.Virgil Vernard Vogt was born on June 4,1934 in a little cabin in the Mountains ofDarjeeling, India. His parents, MiltonChristian Vogt (b. 1901; d. 1968) andEsther Bergey Kulp (b. 1905; d. 1988),were notable Mennonite missionarieswho...  see more
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  • Julie Larson
    A Reflection from Grain of Wheat Church-Community on the passing of our friend, mentor, and brother in Christ, Virgil Vogt.

    Virgil Vogt's leadership and encouragement played a vital role in the creation of Grain of Wheat. In 1981, Virgil was amongst...  more
  • Befekadu Atmew Haile
    This is Pastor Befekadu Atmew Haile from Berhane Wongel Ethiopian Church.

    I have no long-standing knowledge and attachment to Pastor Virgil, but the leaders and the congregation where I serve know him very well because of their close relationship and...  more
  • Cassidhe Hart
    Virgil chaired the committee that walked with me in my pastoral internship at Reba Place Church. Virgil brought such a spirit of joy and wonder to our gatherings - he was always on the lookout for the ways the Holy Spirit might surprise us. I was deeply...  more
  • Shari Iverson
    I have a deep regard and love for Virgil and Joan. I had a wonderful experience raising our growing family in the sweet comfort of Emmanuel Cluster and Bethel small group at RPC in the 80s and 90s. Virgil and Joan brought such fun, positive energy and...  more
  • Ric Hudgens
    This from Ted Lewis of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Ted worked with Virgil on two sets of collected essays about the Concern Movement:

    "Virgil was always what I call a 'quiet hero'. He had a way of having a significant and positive influence without...  more
  • Maurine Chesley
    The previous posting "Ruth Chesley" is actually Dennis Chesley,
    This is Maurine Chesley. I always felt loved, affirmed and accepted
    by Virgil. He and the Emmanuel cluster prayerfully supported us during
    the long foster care & adoption...  more
  • Chuck Neufeld
    He was a dear friend, brother, father — to countless others, but to me as well. I will always treasure my memories of him.

    I think back to my visits with Virgil with much gratitude and affection. The most precious of those occurred while I was...  more
  • Joan Vogt
    Joan Vogt
    I don't know how many more years here on earth so I want to make the best and the most of them with cheer, helpfulness kindness and love to all. I want to be more like Virgil!
  • José Gallardo Cortés
    Virgil was a spiritual father and an example of servant of God to me. He came to help us in Burgos, Spain, any time we needed him. When Carmen and I married we went to spend six moths at Reba Place, he and Joan were of great help to our marriage. His...  more
  • Dionisio Byler
    I first met Virgil—and Reba Place Fellowship—in December 1964, when our family arrived at Chicago from Montevideo, Uruguay, where our parents served with Mennonite Board of Missions. Virgil met us at the airport since my brother Stan, who was part of...  more
  • Keith Harder
    When I have been asked to name the most influential people in my life, Virgil always come to mind. I remember warmly travels with Virgil visiting other Christian communities in Europe, Canada and the US. Virgil relished seeing how God was at work. He...  more
  • Ruth Chesley
    I am sure many of you can share in the Reba tradition of "Meetings"
    Many of the meetings happened in Virgil's 726 Monroe St. basement
    office. These Meetings could be called Elder, Coordinator, Counseling,
    Discussion, Confrontation, or Drop In...  more
  • Dave Jackson
    Something Virgil once said about his marriage has always stuck with us: “Joan and I don’t have a 50-50 marriage. We each give 100%!” That perspective has impacted our own marriage (and other relationships, too) . . . it’s not about slicing the...  more
  • Judith Belser
    In my 30 or so years knowing Virgil, I experienced him as always cordial and kind. I appreciated the clarity of his focus on any issue. His word had much power in the community. He had a way of getting to the core of something, asking God for light...  more
  • Emily Leaman
    Grandpa Virgil lived out his values in such an amazing way, and he radiated positivity despite life’s challenges. It is this mindset that continues to inspire me! He had such a love for each of us grandchildren, and always made it a point to keep in...  more
  • Bill Berry
    The day Virgil died, as I got the message of his passing, I realized how deeply I loved this man, as deep as any man I've loved in my life. I met Virgil 59 years ago. The clash of two very strong egos, his and mine, some 50 years ago resulted in my being...  more
  • Ric Hudgens
    My favorite Virgil story (of many) is from a Reba Place congregational meeting in the early nineties. There was a proposal to do something differently and, as was typical in those days, there were lots of differing opinions. Someone said that we couldn't...  more
  • Charlotte Lehman
    There's many things I could remember and appreciate about Virgil, but close to my heart is the way he handled a conflict that came up during the rehearsal for my wedding! He helped everyone calm down and keep perspective in a loving, non-judgmental,...  more