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Joe Janney

Victor Janney

November 05, 1994 - May 07, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Victor Janney. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

We've created this memorial to honor the memory of our beloved son, brother, & friend Victor Jay Janney. Please feel free to share your memories of Victor. We thank you all so much for your love and support over these last few days. We will never forget it.Love,The Janney Family
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  • Carmen Neyrinck
    May you rest well, Victor. The last time I saw Victor, I had a chance to thank him. I had tried to put into words the important role he played in shaping all these kids, including my youngest many years ago. His smile would brighten a room, but his...  more
  • Cathy Soto
    I am so heartbroken about Victor. I had the pleasure of having him in class, but it's truly an honor to know him. He was one of the kindest, most determined individuals with a smile that would truly light up the room. God bless you, Victor. 💛
  • Bianca Severino
  • Tre Sutton
  • Janice  Yost
  • Charlene Marple
  • Samantha Yost
    Completely devastated at the loss of this bright light that graced so many of our lives. The last time we saw each other you gave me the biggest, most quintessential Victor hug and I felt so loved in that moment... because you were love, and laughter,...  more
  • Samantha Olsen
  • Chelsi Kovach
  • Taylor Koutas
    I will never forget the time Victor and I had gym class together and we were so bored we would pretended we were spys hahaha (even made a whole a Facebook account for it 🤣) I remember always having so much fun and being so goofy with him 💗 He was...  more
  • Danielle White
    While there are so many great memories I could share, I think my favorites are from family trips to Florida as kids. I’ll always remember the time Uncle Bud was supposed to take Victor, Timmy, Nicole and myself out fishing. We didn’t make it very far...  more
  • Leslie Lynn
  • Holly Sewell
  • Drayas H
  • Lily Stone
  • brittany Morgan
    i will never forget all of the goofy meijer and walmart runs we did at 2am for nothing. if i was having a bad day i knew i could count on your phone calls to cheer me up. you will be forever missed. i love you so much 🖤
  • brittany Morgan
  • Joree Morris
    I was fortunate enough to have Victor as a student. The joy and compassion he brought to the classroom on a daily basis was incomparable. He had the biggest, most beautiful smile, and always tried to include everyone in on the fun. I am stunned and so...  more
  • Chelsea Leedle
  • Hazel Flores
    my heart is so heavy. I met you when I was down and out and hurting and you brought me so much love and comfort and friendship. remember that time you took me to court and the car broke down? we sat on the side of the road for hours waiting for someone...  more
  • Julia Voss
    Trudging through the flooded streets of the Magic Kingdom at 2am, living life in the moment, on top of the world. You taught everyone around you how to love and live life having a great time along the way. An electric energy, so perfectly Victor. Shining...  more
  • Justin Beales
    Victor was one of the first tumbling coaches for my two daughters at Twisters Elite. While they may have moved on to a new gym, all of us remember their coaches over the years, especially Victor. They were honored to wear these pink and black beads when...  more
  • Dawn Dabrowski
  • Shea Crary
    I'll always remember VBS. Victor and I would always find ways to mess with each other. My favorite was when we filled water balloons and ambushed Jay for his birthday. R.I.P. Victor you are missed ❤
  • Shea Crary
  • Madelyn Ide
  • Kaydence  Smith
  • jenny cortez vlogs
    While I didn’t know Victor, my best friend did as well as some other friends. Over the past few days I have seen their posts and it is truly heartbreaking. From what I can tell Victor was the kind of person everyone loved. To all of the people he...  more
  • Z Garcia
    My deepest condolences for the entire family. Victor was such a beautiful soul. His contagious smile would always bring joy to anyone’s day. I will cherish every moment we spent together as a family. There will NEVER be another one like you Vic. I can...  more
  • Kerry  Marcinkus
    What can I say victor. You were “that guy” the one everyone loved. Last night I tried so hard to come up with the words to console Jackie while losing it myself. So many memories went rushing though my head you made so many people happy! I have to...  more
  • Lori Sittler
  • Kerry  Marcinkus
  • Andrea Rolla
  • Iman Griffin
  • Madison Hartman
  • Cheryl Clark
    My deepest condolences to your family. I was Victor's teacher at the Tech Campus. Early Childhood. He was a bright light, a joy in the preschool.
  • Amy Wood
  • Elizabeth Verden
  • Gina Portelli
  • carol rodriguez
  • Monika Makoski
  • Jordan Wilson
  • MaryAnn DeGroot
    I’d pick up my granddaughter at tumbling classes and could feel the dedication Victor gave to coaching these kids. I just know he had their respect and love and they wanted to do their best for him. May God give comfort to his loved ones knowing how...  more
  • Kristen  Litwiler
    Oh sweet Victor we will miss your hugs. To be able to hug someone and feel all the love that exists within their being is rare but was made known by you. We promise to try our best to continue to spread the love and the joy that you brought to so many....  more
  • Kristen  Litwiler