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Funeral Expenses & Support the family.

Any donations made will go directly to that of the Celebration ceremony of the Life of Troy Kyles, to his wife, Raveen Kyles and to supporting the ongoing education of his daughter, Trinity Kyles. Anything is appreciated and all donations are welcome.

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Vadra Weatherspoon

Troy Kyles

This Memorial is to celebrate the life of Troy Kyles. To share our wonderful memories and the insurmountable life lessons left by Troy upon a community that he loved.

Troy Kyles was a man all about his family and when it came down to Raveen and Trinity Kyles, there was no denying the love and adoration he had for them both. The man that saw through every last perfect detail of his wedding day and cried at the simple thought of having to drop his baby girl off to college. TK is what his friends would call him, and MAN! Did he have a lot of those. The community loved TK for his humbleness and genuine...  see more
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