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Tom P. Hayes

August 27, 1980 - July 21, 2022 will live-stream the services. You may have to search their page, but should be up and running by 3pm Pacific. Tom's services are being held Friday August 5th starting at 3PM (Pacific) in his home town of Orofino, ID. The service is at the Best Western Lodge,...  see more

Thomas Patrick Hayes died in a Chinook helicopter crash the afternoon of July 21st, 2022. He was the captain of the two-pilot crew operating the heavy helicopter in support of the Moose Fire off the Salmon River in northern Idaho. The co-pilot Jared Bird also succumbed to his injuries.  Tom’s aviation background is substantial amongst even the professional aviators reading this.  He wrenched on Blackhawks before going through Army...  see more
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  • Nicky B.

    To my brother...

    Today you would have been 42.
    Its taken me a long time to do this... it feels like my world has been ripped apart. It still doesnt feel fair. I had so much left to say to you. It wasnt supposed to be this...  more
  • Erik Jenkins
    This photo is what tommy was all about at work, he found a random blow up monkey and put my name on just joking about and having fun with us, he loved all of us and treated us all the same.
  • Robert Shober
    I'll miss you Tommy...'til Valhalla brother.
  • Steve Fireball
    God Bless ya Tommy. Blue Skies my friend.
  • James Engle
  • wojg commander
    Tom and I met in flight school and flew together in some choice locales. Within moments of meeting him you say to yourself "this is a good friggin dude". I was fortunate enough to witness the birth to some of the many nicknames Tommy had. My...  more
  • Old Man Young Gun
    Old Man, Young Gun. Those were the terms of endearment we'd share shouting to each other across the flight line or coming upon each other on a maintenance floor somewhere in the world always sharing many cups of coffee and brainstorming beginning each...  more
  • Bruce Wood
    Tom, when I got the call I was in shock because you had texted me the day you were taken from us. I’d call you one of my best friends. We spent a lot of time together at Drum and ever since we stayed in touch. It’s evident the mark you’ve left on...  more
  • Justin Garland
    Tommy was a mentor, a friend, and an absolute legend. There are only a handful of people I met in my military career that had a lasting impact on me personally, and he was at the top of the list. His drive, work ethic, and ability to turn every shitty...  more
  • Jason Franzen
    All Tommy ever talked about to me was how much he loved his children the past 18 years and how he was going to see Pat in a few weeks after this fire fight was over. Tom told me how proud he was of his kids and how much he just wanted them to be happy....  more
  • Kenneth Gillissie
    Tommy, I was blessed to be able to call you my friend. I was honored to deploy with you. I was grateful to be able to work in the civilian world with you. I will miss our phone calls at which we laugh at our selves. You made all of us better.

    Until we meet again.
  • Amanda Leigh
    I met Tommy back in 2012 when I showed up as a maintainer to Ft Drum. In early 2013 i moved to the flight company and we deployed to Afghanistan. Tom didn’t care that I had no clue how to run up a helicopter, he embraced and taught me anyway. Tom...  more
  • Hunt James
    As I write this I am in disbelief. I have know Tommy and worked with him for many years from his time in the military and it continued when he transitioned into his civilian career. I spoke with him only a few days ago. I always loved his energy and...  more
  • Kristin Erickson
    No words can express how much I loved this man and how much I am going to miss him. From the moment I met Tom on a date back in 2020, I knew I had found someone incredible. One date quickly turned into a second date the next day and then we became...  more
  • Kevin Francisco
    Tommy and I deployed together 07-09. Tommy was a great pilot and friend. We did several missions together in combat and back in the states. I will never forget the time Tommy went duck hunting with my son and I and he ended up soaked after chasing a...  more
  • John Hart
    Tommy and I were coming home from a late mission in Afghanistan. We were both tired and I was the pilot in the controls. We were coupled and just cruising back to base at 10k ft. All of a sudden the acft pitched up and started to decel. All I hear is...  more
  • Grant Montgomery
    I met Tom at Ft. Riley Kansas and deployed with him to Iraq in 2007-08. This was first unit after flight school and Tom was a maintenance test pilot. Tom was the best mentor there was. In retrospect this was twofold: Tom loved to teach others, to pass on...  more
  • Conor Whitehead
    Tom was an amazing person.