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Charles Martin

Tom Martin

November 12, 1956 - June 05, 2022

We created a gatheringus memorial to honor and celebrate the life of our son and brother Tom Martin. We would love for you to share your thoughts and memories of Tom with us. Please click on the heart and create an account which will allow you to share your memories and upload pictures. Thanks so much for...  see more

Thomas Jay Martin, 65, of Las Vegas, Nevada was born in Detroit Michigan on November 12, 1956 to Leroy and Patricia Martin. Tom was a very good athlete participating in school and summer leagues excelling in baseball, football and track. He graduated from Centerline High School in 1974. Shortly after graduation he started his career with Belmont Equipment and Technologies Company and through his years there advanced into management....  see more
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  • Carole Laman
    Tom, what a gentle man you were. Always thoughtful and quick with that great laugh of yours! When Tom needed help on his computer, I was his go-to gal. He was hesitant- never wanting to impose. Tom loved his family. When his mom needed a change of living...  more
  • Robert Martin
    A quick story about my big brother Tom. When my three children were little, I got laid off from work and we were in a money crunch, we could not pay our car insurance and had no money for groceries so I called my big brother Tom, and I asked him if he...  more
  • Allison Martin
    I have such great memories of my uncle Tom. He was with me when I took my first trip to Vegas to see family, made my first plane ride not so scary. Coming to visit during holidays and spoiling me rotten. Always getting a nice text/call on the...  more
  • Brian Nixon
    I have known and worked with Tom for many years and can honestly attest to his big heart and caring for others. what a top notch friend and co-worker. the office was less exciting when he left MI for the west coast. I will miss him. His family should...  more
  • Sarah Pierce
    Photos of Tom at Belmont from the 80's & 90's.
  • jEFF Beyar
    I worked with Tom from April 1989 until his retirement. When I was new Tom was always there with a smile and a helping hand. We talked Tiger baseball and horses. I had a great uncle that owned 19 harness race horses that would run occasionally at Hazel...  more
  • John Borkowski
    Tom and I worked together for 35 years together at Belmont. Many years we had adjoining offices. Tom was always dependable and knew his customers and products as well as anyone. Belmont was lucky to have such a trusted and valued employee for 40 years....  more
  • John Borkowski
  • Gerald Jones
    Gerald Jones

    Tom and I have been friends for many years. We met at the Santa Fe Casino race book in Las Vegs and through our interaction we found that we had a shared love of horse racing. As our friendship grew, we discussed many things such as...  more
  • Darrell Holt
    Tom was a friend of mine from playing in the Race and Sports book. We shared our likes between horse racing and football and enjoyed many good games and races. It will be hard to see his seat empty in the back row with the rest of the boys.
  • Karen Beale
    Over the 40 years we worked at Belmont, Tom and I shared business and fun. Belmont sponsored a night at the track. Which of course you know was Tom's favorite thing. A horse named Belmont was running as the underdog but all of us bet on him. Belmont...  more
  • Sarah Pierce
    Group Photos over the years at Belmont Equipment & Technologies
  • Sarah Pierce
  • amie Cockerill
    I have known Tom all of my life. My parents Gary & Laurie borkowski said he held me the day I was born at the hospital. Tom was always around growing up. He was not just a friend to the family, Tom was our family. He always was there for me and my...  more
  • Linda M
    My sweet brother Tom. I reconnected with you 2?years ago when I moved to Las Vegas. You have not changed at all! Still the most loving, kind and sweet man I grew up with! My heart breaks your not with us anymore but my hearts shines to know the love you...  more
  • Pamela Flaherty
    Best uncle anyone could ask for! Tom treated me like I was his daughter, not his niece. We went to the Santa Anita track, Angel's games, Galaxy games, and I am sure we could've hit a football game too if we weren't winning big on the horses. I could...  more
  • Lauren Borkowski
    Thomas Jay Martin I am at an absolute loss for words. You were there for me when no one else was for years and you made sure every occasion in my life was a big deal when no one else cared and every bump in the road I would hit you would always be there...  more
  • gary and laurie borkowski
    Tom was a kind person with a big heart and will be dearly missed. I met Tom in the 1970's playing the horses. We became fast friends and spoke quite often since he moved to Vegas. While Tom was living in Michigan, we spent alot of time together. After...  more
  • Brad Borkowski
    I loved Tom like he was family. When I was younger he would always take me to the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings games, even sometimes hang with him and my dad at Hazel Park race track. I love you Tom! I'll never forget you and will always consider you family
  • Carole Laman
  • Carole Laman