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Tina (Tuna) McIntosh-Cowen

Miss Tina (Tuna) McIntosh-Cowen, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on May 4th, 2020 in Stratford, Ontario. Tina (Tuna) is survived by her mother Whitney McIntosh, of Stratford; siblings Zoey and Phoebe Cowen and Ellis Reid of Stratford, Ontario; Grandparents Krista McIntosh and Randy Fryfogel of...  see more

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  • James McLaren
    RIP Cute lizard. You brought a smile to the heart of many.
  • Meghan Walkom
    Dear Tina, you will be sadly missed by your family. I remember our cuddles together and will cherish them always ❤
  • Jay W.
    ...Though her flame has been extinguished her light remains forever more.
  • Santanna Whitlock
    Farewell Miss Tuna, your lizard smile brought us all joy. May your belly always be full of the tastiest grubs!
  • Charlie Whitlock
    Goodbye Tina. You brought a family so much joy and love. May you bask forever on a sun warmed rock.
  • Jay W.
    Tina was my dearest friend. She knew all my deepest inner most thoughts and I hers. I can only imagine how the Ship Captain, her secret lover, must feel at this time. Tina saved my life, I was following too close to a truck and drove off the road into a...  more
  • Jax Balfour
    Tina, you brought much joy to the hearts of many. May you Rest In Peace. ☮️