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Susan Dente

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Susan Dente. Collecting your stories, photos, and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Susan was brilliant, beautiful, and a badass woman. Her creativity, wit, and uniqueness has been a blessing to so many. The love she had as a mother, sister, and friend will always be with us.
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  • Holly Porter
  • Ann Powers
    Susan was a great woman and we shared many adventures through 38 years of our friendship. She was brilliant, beautiful, curious and had the biggest heart. I will always remember her amazing smile and great sense of humor. We always could laugh together. ...  more
  • Jeremy Porter
    Susan showing up ready to party, early 1980s. Thank you everyone for sharing your photos and memories.
  • Judy Brogle
  • Rita Porter
  • Betty Dente
    Susan was the best big sister. Susan took me to Bloomingdales in Manhattan when I was a young teenager to buy me my first real Beba makeup. It was such a fun day. She had a big heart and her love and support she gave to me will be in my heart forever....  more
  • Patricia Barthaud
    Susan was a gentle and very good friend. She was intelligent, curious, with an ironic sense of humor. I loved our conversations. I love Susan and I miss her.
  • Tasha Robbins
    Susan was an incredible person and friend, with the kind of beauty, heart & soul, that could and did change the lives of everyone who knew her...
  • Tasha Robbins
  • Mie Matsuda
    Found this one in an old album. Photo is undated but looks like a High School photo.
  • Mie Matsuda
    Susan visits Judy, Kenji, and Mie in Hawaii (late 80’s / early 90’s)
  • Mie Matsuda
    Susan & Judy.
  • Mie Matsuda
    Susan & Patty Levey at Dolores Park, SF - The Worlds Fair Spring 1984
  • Mie Matsuda
    Susan was always the cool Auntie. Here she is in 1987 teaching Kenji and I how to play cards during a visit to New York in 1987. When I next visited New York several years later, she took us into the city for some shopping and site seeing. She bought me...  more
  • Harry Emery
  • Monica Juarez
    Susan was apart of our family and always will be. Holidays won’t be the same without her and her delicious goodies. We love Marissa and Susan and we are so thankful and lucky Rubi brought them into our lives and more importantly making us a bigger,...  more
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    • Monica Juarez
      Marissa Huang These are so good <3 love all of you. Mom loved all the family stuff we did so much, she really enjoyed the feeling of us all being together.
      • November 5, 2021
    • Monica Juarez
      Judy Brogle Susan was the most important influence in my formative years. She taught me about forgiveness and resilience. I am proud to be her sister and her friend. Indeed, she was my best friend and always had my back. I shall miss her beyond measure.
      • November 9, 2021
  • Lindsay Loveday
  • JOAN Crotty
  • Moira  Aguilar
  • Yu Hsiu-Ling
    Susan, we love you forever.
  • Monica Juarez
  • Susan Bond
    Summer of 1989: Susan and Susan's trip to Calistoga. We had so much fun, laughing in the mud baths and watching the geiser.