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In lieu of flowers, please feel free to continue Sunil's legacy by making a donation to the Maharashtra Foundation, which helps fund his annual Literature and Social Service Awards Ceremony: Under "MF Projects", please scroll down to "NGO of Your Choice" to enter the dollar amount and write "In Memory of Sunil Deshmukh" underneath so that they are able to track these donations separately.

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Sunil Manohar Deshmukh

We've created this memorial to celebrate the extraordinary life of Sunil Manohar Deshmukh. Thank you for sharing your loving memories with our family and friends in a post below as a way of continuing his legacy and honoring his time with us. You may also use this link to add photos to the dedicated Google...  see more

Sunil Deshmukh was a loving and devoted husband, father, brother, uncle, son, Aba, friend, and philanthropist.  He passed away peacefully and with dignity on January 4, 2023 surrounded by his wife and children.  In his 75 years, Sunil accomplished more personally and professionally than one could have expected in two lifetimes.  Born in Ahmedabad, India with humble beginnings, his intelligence, wit, vivacious personality, caring heart,...  see more
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  • Ashok/Annu Dilawri
    Sunil and Pratibha were one of our first friends in Miami. He always had his infectious smile and a compliment up his sleeve on welcoming us to his home. The single malt or special bottle of wine was always ready to be shared! Our friend, Sunil,...  more
  • Nilu & Sunil Salunke
    Heartfelt condolences dear Pratibha, my school buddy & friend forever.

    We met Sunil in Sydney in 1987 and then again after 23 years in Miami, and spent a number of days with Pratibha and Sunil in their beautiful home. They were wonderful hosts....  more
  • Shahnoor Tilak
    I will always remember Uncle Sunil for his inviting warmth of character and his never ending sense of humour. He cracked jokes; told informative and engaging stories; and most importantly made everyone feel welcome and included. Thank you, Sunil, for...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Sunanda Kandalgaonkar, Toronto:

    I have admired Sunil from the day he married my close friend Pratibha. I had not met anyone who was in the top tier of the SSC exam until then. As the years went on, I admired him even more as a dedicated...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Rajan Gadkari, to be published in the next BMM newsletter:
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Amita and Shashank Kulkarni:
    We always knew of Sunil as a socially conscious philanthropist and a very successful business leader but after we moved to Florida, we got to experience his personal qualities as a friend.. very kind, thoughtful and fun...  more
  • Vijay Kale
    Sorry to hear that Sunil is no more.My condolences to his family. May God rest his soul in peace.

    Vijay Kale
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Invitation to January 28, 2023 Social Service awards:
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Jan 14, 2023 Sadhana magazine issue dedicated to Sunil:
  • Saroj Pagedar
    Ajit and I met Sunil Pratibha and Girish in 1981 when they moved to Cleveland. After our first meeting we became friends and that friendship grew into closeness that you see in close-knit family. Though Sunil and Pratibha's stay in Cleveland was was...  more
  • Darshana Gupte
    Sunil used to say,” We are born to create an impact on the world but it’s up to us to find that divine power within us.” Now, we can confidently say that Sunil found his divine power and left a huge impact on us through his exemplary life. Sunil...  more
  • Steven Rideout
    I am saddened and trying to process what I just learned: Sunil is gone.
    I hear his voice, with that underlying smirk and his overriding intelligence. His democratic bend and his philanthropic leanings. I find it hard to believe that I will never...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Times of India Article:
  • Stephen Mills
    If we are lucky in life, we might meet an individual with the capacity to change the trajectory of our life for the better. That is certainly what happened to me when I met Sunil. At the time I was a young policy advocate at the Sierra Club in...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Patwardhan High School classmate memorial for Sunil in Sangli, India
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Condolence meeting held in Pune by Weekly Sadhana group:
    महाराष्ट्र फौंडेशन ( अमेरिका ) यांच्या वतीने मागील 28 वर्षांपासून दिल्या जाणाऱ्या साहित्य व समाजकार्य पुरस्कारांचे प्रवर्तक सुनील देशमुख यांचे 4 जानेवारी 2023 रोजी अमेरिकेत निधन झाले. त्यांना आदरांजली अर्पण करणारी सभा साधना ट्रस्ट व मासुम यांनी 6 जानेवारी...
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Raghunath Kedia, Mumbai:

    News about the demise of Sunil was indeed very painful. For quite some time I could not decide what to write. It is not easy to write obituary for a friend. I had met him once in Panvel, a town near Bombay at the wedding of...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Condolence meeting in Mumbai
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Nitin Potdar, Mumbai:
    My colleague and close friend since the establishment of Maxel Foundation. Got to work with Sunil since 2012. Sunil got ready to work with Maxel Foundation in literally ten minutes. And we have been friends over the past ten...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    Condolence meeting in Pune, India
  • Nisha Deshmukh
    From Rashmin Chitnis, Nairobi, Kenya:

    Maharashtra Mandal Nairobi will always remember Sunil for his generous support in completing the cultural hall project in 1995/96. Every time we enter the first floor hall – named after Pratibha's parents as per...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh
  • Amita Sharma
    You were our friend, our mentor and ( our partner in crime many times )
    An all around wise man. We were privileged to spend time with you as your neighbors for many years. Even when we moved away we had our regular chats. You were such a light in so...  more
  • Arvind Ranadive
    I am saddened to hear Sunil’s passing. We have lost a truly remarkable man. A scholar, an intellectual, a prolific writer, a successful technocrat and above all a genuine sincere social worker who strived to build a better society.
    I knew Sunil...  more
  • Rajan  Gadkari
    A legendary social reformer, Mr. Sunil Deshmukh passed away. This was a huge loss to America and Maharashtra. He was an avid reader, deep thinker, effective writer and a dedicated activist for various causes such as literature, social work, climate...  more
  • Parag Jagtap
    I have known Sunil only for last three years but he made a deep impression on my mind. We never met in person, and yet his death has made me utterly sad and underscored his last message to me to really count how much time is left in life. The three years...  more
  • Pratibha Deshmukh
  • Pratibha Deshmukh
  • Pratibha Deshmukh
  • marushka bland
    Sunil had the greatest smile on the planet. What a force of nature - so smart and clever and wonderful to talk to. He knew how to blend discourse with humor, and how to work hard and do good without sacrificing fun. He was an example of how to live your...  more
  • Pratibha Deshmukh
  • Pratibha Deshmukh
  • Zena Tilak
    Sunil was the definition of a fun uncle, always ready with a witty quip to make us all laugh. So many of my best memories were made during our visits to Cleveland, Stamford, and Miami. An amazing host, generous and kind, is how I will always remember...  more
  • Nisha Deshmukh