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Gautam Sengupta

Shri Ajit Kumar Sarkar and Shrimati Kalpana Sarkar

June 03, 1935 - January 17, 2022

The family of Late Shri Ajit Kumar Sarkar and Late Shrimati Kalpana Sarkar has created this memorial for all the students of Shri Ajit Kumar Sarkar and all their family friends, loved ones, well wishers, relatives and acquaintances to pay their last respects, affection and adoration for them. Shrimati Kalpana...  see more

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  • Bodhi Dasgupta
    অজিত দার কথা --
    উত্তর শিক্ষা সদনের ফিজিক্স এর অধ্যাপক অজিত সরকার মহাশয় চলে গেছেন। খুব খারাপ...  more
  • Subhayan Biswas
    Ajitda was one of the most respected teachers in our time (1988-1989) in Uttar Sikkha Sadan. Everyone knows that he was an excellent teacher, but if I now look back, I realize that other than exceptional teaching quality he had a rare personality, which...  more
  • Sayan Kar
    It was about forty years ago. The year 1982. I had just finished school and was admitted in the Science stream in Uttar Siksha Sadana (USS)--the now nonexistent section for Class 11 and 12. USS was halfway between school and college. We had heard a lot...  more
  • Sudipta Mukherji
    It is hard to accept the fact that I will not see Ajitda and Masima any more.

    In this difficult time I convey my heartfelt condolences to Saswatidi, Jayanta, Babu and other members of the family.

    Ajitda touched my life at a very crucial stage. I did...  more
  • Sourabh Banerjee
    On a quiet August afternoon of 1987, I had stepped onto the campus of Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan aspiring for a Masters in Physics. For almost a decade thereafter I would continue to live in that campus. During the course of my stay, I...  more
  • Gautam Sengupta
    Some precious memories