• Shannon's Funeral Service, Townsville, Queensland

    Nov 3, 2022, 10:00 AM Australia/Sydney

  • Shannon's Memorial Service - Brisbane, Queensland (Brisbane Time)

    Oct 28, 2022, 2:00 PM Australia/Sydney

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J Reynolds

Shannon Joel Schafer

February 28, 1979 - September 16, 2022

This GatheringUs site has been set up to celebrate Shannon's extraordinary life and to provide the details of Shannon's memorial services. We would appreciate any story and/or photo, or messages. Please do so by clicking on the heart. Thank you for sharing lasting memory of our dearest Shannon.

Shannon was born in Brisbane Queensland to Russell and Glenda in February 1979 and has two siblings: James and Joshua.  Shannon was a great, proud and loving Dad to his children: Russell, Jaxon, Miley-Jo, Summah-Fay, and Archie, and had become a proud Granddad to Jaylen and Kyrie.   Throughout Shannon's life, he has lived in almost every part of Australia: Brisbane, Torbanlea, Bundaberg, Melbourne and Darwin - and for the last 15...  see more
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  • J Reynolds
    To all of my brother's family and friends below is the link to the Memorial Service in Townsville. All of Shannon's families thank you for your support, thoughts and love during this time. Shannon shall now rest in peace with his Dad.

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  • Lizette  Cunanan
    We gona miss you heaps dear brother and all our get together, you always did liven up the party and made us laugh. You’re a true friend and will never be forgotten. We love you. RIP ❤️

    Love William, Lizette, Corey, Phoenix, Ja & Ethan
  • Tammy  Schafer
    One of my best memories is living in Normanton when we were kids. Going fishing and pigging. Going to miss you Cousin ❤️ Love you xo
  • J Reynolds
    FROM Jay Gebadi

    Balz, we caught up a few times between the interceptor, geared ship or back at camp & always had a good laugh. We'd yarn about life's struggles and especially our kids. It breaks my heart that I'm writing this to you bala.

    I have...  more
  • J Reynolds
    To my little Brother. You're in my thoughts and your unexpected passing is so shocking it quite hasn't sunk in that you have gone. This a photo of of you and I at Eudlo circa 1979. Rest In Peace my little mate.
  • Jas Reynolds
    RIP Shannon. Every time I eat cabbage stew or mud crabs, I’ll think of you 🖤