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Kayleigh Bartholomew

Sarah Campanella-Selby

Welcome to the memorial page for Sarah Campanella-Selby. This page was created to remember and share memories about Sarah’s life and to keep her spirit alive today and always. Sarah was my sister and also my friend. She was so much fun and every time we got together we laughed, we cried and had the best...  see more

Sarah was born on May 19th, 1984 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania to her mother Dina. Sarah was predeceased by her father Scott, who passed in 1983 prior to Dina being aware that she was pregnant with Sarah. Dina and Scott were married at the young ages of 18 and 21. Scott was in the Navy and they had only been married a short time before his passing. Sarah spent her early years in Pennsylvania and at the age of 2...  see more
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