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Lisa Crissman

Samuel Steele Crissman

December 27, 1928 - February 15, 2021

We created this memorial page to share and celebrate the wonderful life of Steele Crissman. Please feel free to share your memories of Steele here as well. Click on the heart to get updates regarding our plans for a Celebration of Life Gathering later this spring. We sincerely appreciate the love, support and...  see more

Samuel Steele Crissman (“Skippy”, “Paw Paw Funny”) December 27, 1928 — February 15, 2021 He finished strong. Steele Crissman, a faithful and loving husband, father and friend passed away peacefully in his home at age 92. Steele was surrounded by his children and devoted wife of 59 years, Frances Crissman. Born Dec. 27, 1928 in Johnstown, PA to S. Steele Crissman and Edwarda Kress Crissman, Steele moved with his mother, sister and...  see more
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