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Di Tan

Ronny Chng

October 19, 1971 - April 22, 2021

It has been a year since Ronny's departure and he is still very much missed. My daughter, Claire, and I find ourselves quoting him rather often in many of our conversations. Therefore, we created this GatheringUs memorial to collect other quotes, stories, memories or pictures of Ron you would like to...  see more

"For the greater good", "Don't sweat the small things in life", "Humility is key", "Don't limit yourself" were some quotes he shared.My love, my friend, my partner in crime, my sounding board and my devil's advocate, till we meet again.  
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  • Di Tan
    3 years, 36month, 1095days

    Attending to our little one with left lung infection
    Trepidation from 4years ago returned
    Absent is your voice reassuring us

    Recalling recent caring messages and conversations with family and friends
    “Has it been 3years...  more
  • Di Tan
    Just the way you are by Billy Joel

    Our song plays over the radio
    Memories rushed to mind
    Tears flood my eyes

    Simple days that started with us 2
    To a blissful 3, it grew
    Then to today’s, missing you

    The dog we said we would get
    The house we...  more
  • Simone Leung
    "Makkan? Makkan? anyone?" Almost every noon and late night in the office, you would hear from 'yours truly' gathering those who were stuck in the office. Offering a group food ordering (back in the old days, no deliveroo or grab) or a short...  more
  • Di Tan
    Birthday Surprise organised by his good friends.
  • Di Tan
  • Di Tan
    This is how you know you have good friends
  • Zoe Wong
    "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal." Remembering the life our dearest friend and the times we shared together. You will always live in our ❤️
  • Monica  Tan
    In every single family gathering , your absence is felt so starkly. Your laughter, your jokes and your teasing, they are still so fresh in our memories. You are very much a part of us. Now that one of us has left us, family gatherings will never be the...  more
  • Tina Tan
    Although you have left us 1 year already n misses your dearly. But your memories will always stay in our hearts 💕
  • Di Tan
  • Daniel Wong
    Miss you Bro! Still cant shake off your laugther. Our trip to Phuket is still the best because of you. Lots of food, beer, whiskey and lazing around! You have alway been a fun guy to hang out with. Hope you are in a good place, watching over us. Cheers...  more
  • Eu Gin Tan
    The future is what we look forward to, the present is what we live for, the past is what we remember of. And in some part of my memory, you will always be there cos we began as friends in the silly young years.
  • May Tan
  • Cheong Ann Png
    Ronny, best regards from your old friends. We’ll look out for Diana and Claire, and see you when we see you. RIP.
  • Cheong Ann Png
  • Claire Chng
    “Don’t sweat the small things in life”, you would have advised when I was tearing my hair out while complaining about my desk mate who put his sweaty uniform on my desk. It annoyed me endlessly and I brooded about it for a few days....  more
  • Jim Tan
    Bro Ron. I always have fond memories of you and your family visiting me in Malaysia. You knew many yummy local stalls better than me. And you always tell me how much you missed coming to KL again…… hope to meet you in dreams and we can enjoy the...  more
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    • Jim Tan
      Jim Tan Oh and yes. I missed your smile a lot
    • Jim Tan
      San Yeow Ang Ron my bro. Moments of us in pool sessions pops up. Pool sessions in Bishan 8 jacuzzi and at the pool tables at Shaw Centre. Drinks with you at newsroom, PiC and many others. Where you shared about your work life and your love for Diana and Claire and...  more
  • Angeline Chew
  • Di Tan
    "Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours"

    White shirts
    Dark pants
    Ties air

    Phone still
    Watch stopped
    Keys stowed

    Couch there
    Seat bare
    Emptiness stares

    Pain spreads
    Tears stream
    Hollowness swallow

    365 since
    Us left
    Blue looms

    We miss
    We...  more
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    • Di Tan
      Elaine Ng Di and Claire , Keep your sweet memory with him alive forever !!\ud83c\udf3c\ud83c\udf3c\ud83c\udf3c
    • Di Tan
      Katlee Ng Yoke Peng Ronny sweet smiley face still floating in our memories and his gentle and wisdom words will make Kit Kit quiet with 五体头地。Thank you for flying down to KL many times just to attend surprise birthday with us. You are part of our KL family. We will...  more
    • Di Tan
      Julian Chua Fond memories of the time playing rugby, shuffling mahjong tiles and listening to music. Your laughter seems to echo in my ear all these while. RIP team mate, room mate, dear friend