• Rochelle Weirich Celebration of Life

    Jun 6, 2022, 4:00 PM US/Eastern

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Any donations made in honor of Rochelle's life, will be used to help cover some of the many financial costs associated with Matt losing his life partner. On top of being the sole provider, and the father of 2 kids who are all mourning the loss of Rochelle - the management of the 24/7 care for Tyler is a heavy load - physically, emotionally and financially because of the level of care required. A donation of any size, will help encourage & support Matt, Grace & Rochelle's family to hire additional help for Tyler.

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Tim Higgins

Rochelle Weirich

September 30, 1972 - January 24, 2022

This GatheringUs memorial page was created to remember the life of Rochelle Weirich. We hope that collecting your stories and memories here will give access to all who loved Rochelle and be a permanent reminder of her beautiful life. Click on the heart below to let us know you were here and to receive email...  see more

Rochelle Falvello Weirich (Age 49)  The amazing mother, loving wife, devoted daughter and daughter-in-law, thoughtful sister, passed away on January 24, 2022.    Rochelle is survived by husband Matt, her soulmate of 22 years, their two children Grace Marie (18) and Tyler Anthony (18), whom she loved with all her heart and considered to be her greatest gifts, and her loving parents Rocco and Mary (nee Romano) Falvello, of Silver...  see more
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  • Matt Weirich
    A lot of people put in a lot of time to help us get ready for Rochelle's Celebration of Life. And even more people helped us get through these past 5 months. I was very sad. I’m still very sad. But I was never worried. I knew then, and I’m even more...  more
  • Matt Weirich
    Thank you to Joe Leary for creating this beautiful video tribute to Rochelle. Thank you to all who shared pictures, adventures and love for her.
  • Kelly Cullinan
    Below are the joint remarks that Bridget and I made at Rochelle's beautiful memorial service.

    Kelly: Rochelle and I met in Washington DC our freshman year of college and we were quite quickly inseparable. We both studied architecture and lived on the...  more
  • Mary-Angela Kenney
    It was wonderful to meet Rochelle’s friends and hear about her impact on all of them. Below is what I spoke in her honor.

    Love, Mary- Angela

    I am Rochelle’s first cousin. Mary Gay is my godmother and Rocco is my godson.

    Rochelle and I had a lot...  more
  • Alisha Rovner
    It was wonderful to be with so many people yesterday who loved Rochelle just like I did. Below are the remarks that I was so honored to share at her beautiful celebration of life.

    Good afternoon. It is such an honor and blessing for us to be together...  more
  • Nikki Munro
    Just over four years ago, two four-foot 11 incoming freshman tried out and made the Our Lady of Good Counsel Pom and Dance Team. Just over four years ago these two, Abby and Grace, became best friends. Rochelle and I, and Matt and Brian followed,...  more
  • Jim Camlek
    Loved seeing & meeting Team Rochelle last night. I was asked to share my long-winded sentiments from last night. Thanks for being part of a wonderful evening...

    I’ve enjoyed watching all the photos come flooding in since Matt sent out his picture...  more
  • Brian Ryder
  • Alisha Rovner
    I was so blessed to live next to Rochelle for 15 years. She made such a big impact of me and I admired her so much. She was so positive, loving and generous. One of Rochelle's best qualities was here incredible sense of humor. I miss our joking...  more
  • Alisha Rovner
  • Nikki Munro
  • Tim Higgins
  • Emily Higgins
  • Emily Higgins
    Rochelle was a forever friend. A champion for all & especially any underdog (except when it came to Duke). She was extraordinarily spirited, sensitive & loyal. She had a beautifully creative mind, was fiercely determined, practiced purposeful listening,...  more
  • Tim Higgins