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Esther Haab

Robert Young

Dear Kingdom Family, We are saddened to share that on Monday, March 21st, Robert Young went to heaven to our Jesus after fighting Corona in the intensive care unit. Robert will be buried Monday, March 28th at 10 a.m. The burial will take place at the cemetery in 70435 Stuttgart in Zuffenhausen....  see more

  Robert was a long-time volunteer in the English Celebration Community at ICF Zurich, he was a passionate Childres Teacher and a Role Model, especially to Kids whos parents are in prison. He also pioneered several Prayer-, Outreach- and Red-light district Ministries. Not only was he a Disciple of Jesus he was an Apostel who wrote many further chapters of Acts - as we all should.   But most important HE was our Friend! He welcomed...  see more
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  • Mônica Lopes
    Dear Robert, I am gonna miss you a lot, you taught me to be a servant in all life stages, sometimes working, sometimes receiving, always blessing and believing God is good. I will miss you soooo much!

    You opened your small home and filled it with more...  more
  • Mônica Lopes