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Kimberly Fuller

Robert Stephen Ollerhead

February 11, 1949 - August 20, 2020

We created an online memorial to celebrate the life of Robert Stephen Ollerhead. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort, as we can't gather together to share at this time. Please share stories and help us remember his life.

Robert Stephen Ollerhead, 71, of Mt. Pleasant, died on Thursday, August 20, 2020.  Mr. Ollerhead was born on February 11, 1949, in Boston, MA, to the late William L. Ollerhead, a Chessie System Inc. Senior Vice President and Former Deputy Director of the Maryland Port Authority, and the late Caroline A. Leary. He attended Calvert Hall College High School in Baltimore, MD, and graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972 with a...  see more
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  • Tony Borowiecki
    Bob was the first member I met when I joined Charleston National. I was contemplating building a house, and had already joined the club as a member. I don't recall what the occasion was, but I sat with Bobby over a dinner at the club including an adult...  more
  • Tony Borowiecki
    On our trip to England to play in a Ryder Cup style competition between a bunch of us from Charleston National, and Bobby's buddies from the U.K., we had lively competition and more than a few "moments". One of my faves is the day we played...  more
  • Tony Borowiecki
    Bob arranged a Ryder Cup style tournament between a few of us from Charleston National vs. some of his friends from the U.K. Our team had a few golf members plus the Charleston National club pro, and his father, another PGA member. We had a great, like...  more
  • Kacie  Braxton-Walker
    I had the pleasure of meeting Bobby when we both worked as caddies at Kiawah. Bobby and I spent many rounds of golf together, and shared lots of banter about sports. He affectionately gave me the nickname “boom boom” and always made me laugh. He will be missed!
  • Greg Bridges
    Booby was true friend and a great golf partner. Enjoyed many rounds of golf with him.
  • Skip Evans
    Booby was a dear friend and a great golf partner. He sure loved the game. Last summer he learned of my visit to England for vacation. Having spent some time there, he shared with me all the sites and spots I needed to see while there. What a nice...  more
  • Bruce-Karol Queen
    Bobby was always there when we needed him or wanted to play a round of golf. He and Sue have always been good neighbors and good friends. He will be sorely missed.
  • Ron Culp
    One super guy. So much fun during our Terp/PiKA years. As I write this I am looking at our 1971 PiKA composite which includes Bobby's picture. We were so blessed then and now. Cheers to Bobby!
  • Kenny Haynes
    I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Bobby's passing... I spent many years in Charleston National and developed a great friendship with "Knuckles" or "Might mite" as he was known. We had many good times on the golf course or...  more
  • Steve  Donovan
    I would like to extend my deep condolences to Sue and the rest of Bobby's family. I worked with Bobby for several years at the Kiawah Island Club and became good friends with him. We played a good amount of golf together and I would get to talk to...  more
  • David Bolton
    Bobby was the beloved captain of the "Despicables" golf team, a moniker he wore proudly as he and his fellow players spanked the "We" team and the "They" team year after year in the June Tourney, a gathering of Pike...  more
  • Robert Lewis
    I'm so sad we won't have Bobby with us anymore! My prayers and condolences to Sue (a better wife nobody had)!
    We called him "Knuckles" and played hundreds of golf rounds together. Always happy and blessed with an acerbic wit! We'll drink a...  more
  • Janine Paris
    First, I want to express my condolences to Sue. Bob was so lucky to have you, and knew it and told people all the time! This is such a difficult time, but your memories of a long and happy life together will console you in the coming days and weeks, I...  more
    • Janine Paris
      Ron Culp Hi Janine ..Midge and I say hello!
      • August 23, 2020
  • Kimberly Fuller
    There are so many fun memories of my Dad. For instance... Did you know he once threw his furniture out his hotel window into the Nile River? Did you know he caddied for Joe Biden and Will Smith? Did you know he used to pour tanning oil all over himself...  more