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Richard Barker

September 01, 1988 - September 01, 2019

Richard Cumberland Brodrick Barker Sadly our friend Richard Barker took his own life on the 1st September 2019. This online memorial site is to enable friends and family from all over the world to be able to share photos, memories and leave tributes to a beloved friend, son, brother and uncle....  see more

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  • Laura Kent
    When you move to Whistler for a year with all your mates, you’re going to meet some fun people along the way. Meeting Sam & Rich was a great addition to the team sheet!

    Our thoughts are with your family & friends Richard Barker.
    We’ll miss you mate...  more
  • Jack Parker
    I first met Richard whilst at uni. He had a cheekiness and playful side that was obvious from the get go. Now mix that with a desire for adventure and an intense energy rarely matched and it’s no wonder why i have so many fond memories of us together....  more
  • Nicole Lal
    Richie Boy it was such a pleasure to be your "Marma" or your Aussie Mum. Your vivacious character brought joy and charism into our home and our family. You will be missed but never forgotten, our memories of you will bring us peace xoxox
  • Jas Esther

    I first met you on the Goldie after your travels, when you and fee decided to make a life for yourself here. You were a smart, energetic, and an exuberant human who had the ability to lift up anyone’s spirits. The first time I met you was out...  more
  • Hannah Thomas
    Rest in peace, Rich. I hadn't seen you for a long time but I was so sad to hear this news. You were such a lovely person. Thoughts are with you, your family and those close at this very difficult time.
  • Gareth Blewitt
  • Gareth Blewitt
  • Gareth Blewitt
  • Gareth Blewitt
    Deeply devastating news!

    Rich; we grew up together in alway and school house! You were one of the nicest, skilful and intelligent guys in the year!
    I was pleased to see you in the summer and reminisce over old times!

    You will be sadly missed!
    RIP Barker!
  • Daniel Larcombe
    Barks. How you would party through term, live life to the full and then study for a week and come out with top marks was incredibly frustrating for everyone else but just showed what a talented and personable person you were. You were good at sport,...  more
  • Sam Ashton
    We met as 2 smooth faced, worry free kids travelling the world and boy I’m glad we did. There’s nobody on this planet I’ve shared so many good times with as you so there’s no way I could pick only 1 photo to sum it up with. Looking through them,...  more
  • Mark Roil
    Hey Richie, I will forever cherish the good times we spent together on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and NZ. Your Infectious and cocky personality was what everybody loved about you.
    A great memory i have of us was when the 2 of us decided to go to a Gold...  more
  • Alex Lines-Scrase
    I went to school with Rich. We shared lifts to school morning and night and the poor guy had to put up travelling with my mad family. I am so very sorry for 1. The lateness for chapel and 2. The bad music and Dad jokes!

    A great man who was so...  more
  • Dustin Himebauch
    I think I took this picture back in college circa 2009 - Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA.
  • Dustin Himebauch
    Never thought I'd be writing anything like this... Richard Barker you were one of the coolest dudes I've ever met, and it still blows my mind that this is reality. You're an absolute legend, and this is something I could have never imagined. I guess...  more
  • Nick Winham
  • Joseph Geihe
    I never got to meet you in person but the instances I did have to have conversations with you I could just tell how passionate you were about everything you did. We may not understand why but only you knew what you were going through. REST EASY FRIEND
  • storm Hellmuth
    I don't even know where start I met Richard about 11 years ago on the gold coast I was going through really bad rough patch in my life when I went for a job interview I walked in and Richard was waiting he didn't even ask me to sit down just smiled and...  more
  • Tord Nilson
    Barker - I can’t believe when I saw what had happened. We met and hung out at Uni and you were always up for a great night out! We chatted every now and again when you were in Australia about running our own businesses.
    You were a great friend to so...  more
  • Nick Winham
    Barker, I’d struggle to share just one memory as you provided me with so many great times because of infectious personality, kind nature and altogether awesomeness!! I’ll never forget your generosity when I came out and stayed with you on the Gold...  more
  • Steve Harris
    Barks, so many amazing memories with you mate. I feel so priveleged to have met you at uni, to push me to do things I didnt have the confidence to do. Our 2 years living together in Bosanquet Close were unforgettable! We didnt see each other much after...  more
  • Philippa Leishman
    To all friends and family,

    We are asking friends to write letters to Richard that can go with him from the service. There will be a basket at the entrance to the crematorium to collect these and then they will be placed on the coffin.
    Please write a...  more
  • Ed Barnett
    Though I still find it so unreal, and as I look at your photos I can't quite believe it has happened, at least I have this memory to keep me smiling.

    You kindly escorted me around a theme park while I visited Oz. As we entered, we took a selfie to...  more