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Rayvon L Simms

March 10, 1996 - May 07, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Rayvon L Simms. Contribute to this lasting memorial by sharing stories, memories, photos, and videos. As we plan gatherings, we will post invites with event information. Share this memorial with family and friends, and remember to RSVP to help us plan.

Rayvon L Simms was born and educated in Prince George’s County. He received a pleather of trophies and certificates for playing basketball. He also loved to watch his team play the falcons. He was a family man and to the community he had a playful but kind personality. Rayvon loved to make money by doing handy work . He leaves behind his mom and dad, his two children Heaven and Rayvon Jr, His four sister Amy and janay Simms as well...  see more
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