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Randall Jae McCammack

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Randall Jae McCammack was born on February 17, 1948 in Indianapolis to William and Claudina McCammack. He grew up in Muncie, Indiana. As a kid, he enjoyed singing and many sports, but most of all basketball. He is survived by two younger sisters, Beth Jacobs and Kaye Hart. At Muncie South Side High School, he ran cross country, played four years of varsity basketball, sang in the choir, played the lead in Oklahoma!, and served as the...  see more
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  • Shanna McCammack
    Julie was my Kindergarten teacher but I never had the privilege of having Rande as an academic teacher but I did have him as a driver's ed teacher, then shared a church family with him, & had him as an amazing father in-law, & one awesome Pops to...  more
  • Sue Kennedy
    Julie & I were best friends almost from the time we met in our tween years through graduation. To know Julie was to understand that Rande was the one for her pretty much from the time they met at St. Paul's church and in school in Muncie. Their love...  more
  • Evonne Menard
    I really appreciated all that coach has done for me on three different levels. First of all, as a coach he was a great mentor and leader, who always taught me to work hard and play for others around me not just myself. Second as a friend's dad he...  more
  • Keith Mitchell
    "Coach" as I would call him more often than not, even after graduating from RBA and moving on in life. Each time I remember him, I still say "Coach" to myself. But, he was more than a coach. He was a great educator, a great mentor, a...  more