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Anusha Ramachandran

Radha Balakrishnan

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Radha Balakrishnan. There are so many memories to celebrate..let us all get together to pay tribute to her.

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  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Kumar and Deepa ( UK):
    I met her for the first time in Anna Nagar before our engagement in 2005 and I remember how she stood out amongst everyone in the family - tall, majestic, charming with the most beautiful smile. Barely 2 weeks after our...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Ganesh & Vidya:
    Dear Ravi ,Rajesh,
    God could not be everywhere, so he created A Mother. Radha chithi has brought up the both of you with so much love, care, affection and good values and that has proved itself in the way you both have been...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Kumar (Hyderabad):
    you will be remembered as a person who spread happiness wherever you went. I can longer see with my eyes but you will always stay in my heart for ever
    From Chitra (Hyderabad):
    Radha mami was such a lovable and warm person...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Raman:
    I was staying with her in GARODIA Nagar since 1976 till I shifted to Borivali in 1981. There were lots of events and functions in the family where she was in the forefront. The most remembrances were: Along with Narayanan we went to Night...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Priya:
    Dear Radha Periamma
    I am falling short of words to express my heart-felt feelings. You have left behind a vacuum in my life which will never be filled in this lifetime. But I would always remember you with that beautiful smile on your face...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Uma Natarajan (US) :
    I remember the first time I saw Radha chithi, which was at her wedding! I remember the trip to Kolkata as part of a large entourage on the heels of Vasantha Athai’s wedding. (Not sure if that was true but that is what I recall...  more
  • Anusha Ramachandran
    From Jayaram:

    Our beloved sister Radhamani, was not only a sister to us, but she was an angel who was our nurturer, well wisher, adivicer and caretaker! She will always be the first one to remind us, and our cousins on all important occasions of...  more