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Praveen Khanna Surendra Babu


July 25, 1951 - February 02, 2022

We created a online memorial to celebrate the life of R. SURENDRA BABU. Collecting your stories and memories of him will offer us great comfort.

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  • Deepak Menon
    Babuvanna's passing more of our beloved family member departs reminding us once again that nothing wont be same ever again..His reluctance to get treatment initially may be was due to his pride and sense of powerfulness. Proud as he always...  more
  • Arun Kumar Rajulu
    *"Mr.Surendra Babu"*
    (1951 --- 2022)
    A Great Personality,
    A Great Leader ,
    A Great Unionist ,
    A Great Human Being,
    A Sophisticated Gentleman, A Cultured Gentleman,
    An Epitome of...  more
  • Vasanthi by Lajapathi
    Babu’na had been a strong, silent, solid pillar to our family. He was the missed out brother to us. He was there for us when our father expired and helped us in handling the situation. His efforts made us get my father’s job on compassionate grounds....  more
  • Sreekrishnan Narayanan
    Com. Surendra Babu's memories will always remain green for more than a few reasons. His smiling, friendly face reflected a genuine heart filled with love and compassion. I was not a member of the trade union that Com. Babu represented, but led another...  more