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Max Mikles

Phyllis Mikles

November 25, 1929 - March 16, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Phyllis Mikles. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here, and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

On Monday, March 16, 2020, Phyllis Mikles, loving sister, wife and mother of three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, passed away at the age of 90. Phyllis was born on November 25, 1929 to Emmett and Florence Marquart. Phyllis received her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Michigan State College in 1951, and worked as a Certified Medical Technologist well into her 60's. She married Dr. Howard...  see more
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  • Alan Mikles
    Phyllis Mikles, hereafter referred to as Gramma, was special. I didn't know that for a long time.

    Like most kids, I assumed my experience was universal. But it turns out, not everyone's Gramma spent their summers with their grandkids. Not everyone's...  more
  • Zachary Mikles
  • Kristen-Brian Beeter