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Philip Kurjan

January 20, 1948 - September 24, 2022

Those who knew Phil Kurjan know that he was all about the facts.  The facts of his life are below. But Phil was so much more than can be conveyed by the facts.  He was incredibly intelligent, kind, funny, adventurous, generous, and he was treasured by his family and friends. Please share your stories and...  see more

Philip Maynard Kurjan was born January 20, 1948 in New York City to Sue and Abner Kurjan.  Abner's job changes resulted in the family  making many moves over the years -  to a Chicago suburb, Albuquerque, Tucson, back to Albuquerque, to Eugene and finally Portland.  Philip's senior year of high school was at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, OR (outside of Portland), he graduated in 1965.  He attended the University of Washington,...  see more
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  • Friends of  Phil
    Happy Birthday Phil! You are missed. I hope you are surrounded by all of the people and pets who were up there waiting for you.
  • Janet Kurjan
    Philip's 75th birthday would have been next Friday, Jan. 20. I was hoping that we would get to celebrate his 75th and my 70th (a month ago) together, but obviously that didn't happen. When he was diagnosed at 69, I wasn't sure he'd make it to 70. But...  more
  • Barb Larkin
    I met Phil in the early 2000's when he became more engaged in supporting local public benefit/non-profit organizations. He was so smart, very curious, and willing to take field trips and engage with local community leaders and his peers to learn more...  more
  • Karen Tebbenhoff
    I met Dr. Phil at Consilium in 1988. I remember a quirky, kind and brilliant man who was so patient with all of my "first job out of college" questions for him. The pictures highlight what I remember best about Phil. A generous heart, big smile, and...  more
  • Janet Kurjan
    For the past few years, Philip has liked to tell a story from our childhood. I must have been about four and him about nine. We were living in a two story townhouse with a single bathroom upstairs. He would be walking upstairs to go to the bathroom...  more
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    • Janet Kurjan
      Friends of Phil Such special memories! Funny that the senior discount drove him to shave his beard! When I think of his beard I think back to a business trip to Japan, our time there overlapped. The local Japanese people all wanted to touch his beard because it was...  more
      • October 7, 2022
    • Janet Kurjan
      Janet Kurjan He didn't like being taken for 65 when he was about 55 and thought the gray in his beard was the cause.
      • October 8, 2022
  • jamini samantaray
    I first met Phil in 2002 when I joined Applied Materials. Soon he was my mentor and teacher at work. He had a knack of finding solutions to difficult technical problems and then making the effort of educating others. No wonder I see similar sentiments...  more
  • Raj Mashruwala
    By 1983, we had concluded that IBM could not be the right platform to build what later came to be known as Workstream. HP was the dominant business mini computer supplier of that era, but it already had a fab automation solution. So Digital Equipment...  more
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    • Raj Mashruwala
      Friends of Phil Wow thank you Raj for sharing the details of Phil's early days at CSIM. The Spock analogy is perfect!
      • October 7, 2022
  • Maria Rodgers
    Phil was incredibly kind and able to communicate complex technical info simply. He helped me with critiques of my work. He always made time to answer questions. His kindness had a positive impact not just on my work but on my life.

    I remember with a...  more
  • Jean B.
    I was a colleague of Phil's from the early days at Consilium. What an amazing person Phil was. He was oh so bright and able to share his knowledge with others, wherever they were in the learning curve. And, he had such a good sense of humor. Rest in peace, Phil.
  • Marty Ramirez
    I was fortunate to meet "Dr. Phil" more than twenty five years ago through my wife Laura. Since then we got to see Phil on his frequent trips to Portland or our trips to the Bay Area. I truly admired his sense of adventure and his willingness...  more
  • Sara Geballe
    I am very sorry to hear of Philip's death. For me he was the most impressive example I have ever seen of someone living with a dire medical diagnosis. In the face of devastating news, he just kept right on living - traveling, learning, and living life to...  more
  • Friends of  Phil
    Phil loved the plants and flowers of the Northwest. He came up to Portland numerous times to see his mom, me and Marty, other friends, and typically timed his visits around when the rhododendrons would be in peak bloom. I met Phil in 1987 when I...  more
  • Shantha Mohan
    Phil Kurjan was my colleague at Consilium. He was a gem, the only person I think of as a tech GURU. I last saw Phil in April 2018 in Hangen during a Consilium alumni lunch. He had lost his hair then but was in excellent spirits.
    RIP, Phil.
  • Janet Kurjan
    This picture is from January, 2018. From left to right, it's Noel, Philip, Mary (a friend of Philip's for thirty-some years) and me. He was about four months into his first-line chemo, which as you can see, made him lose his hair. The second-line...  more
  • Lily Chen
    I was acquainted with Philip through several outings (surrounding art exhibits and fine dim sum dining) with Janet, my friend and colleague. It was obvious that being brother and sister means being there for each other. I genuinely enjoyed their lively...  more
  • Janet Kurjan
    I'm Philip's "baby" sister Janet-five years younger. When Philip made the five year survival mark, I sent this email (slightly revised for this site) to him, friends of his and our cousin.

    Five years ago, Philip had plans to come up Labor Day weekend,...  more