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Amy Rosewarne

Philip James Rosewarne

August 20, 1935 - October 25, 2020

I created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Philip James Rosewarne. Please add stories, memories, thoughts, and photos.

Philip James (Phil) Rosewarne passed away on Sunday, October 25th, 2020, in Ann Arbor, of Lewy Body disease. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Schwartz; his children, Amy, Stephen, and Brian, and his former wife, Anne; and his stepchildren, Michael, Annie, and Ruthie; along with a long list of grandchildren, all of whom will miss him greatly. He was preceded in passing by his daughter, Katherine.  Phil was born in 1935 In...  see more
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  • Jordan Sudduth
    Your honor,

    Since my grandpa was a man practicing law. I figure what a better way to show his true character than by providing factual evidence.

    Philip James Rosewarne, otherwise known as my grandpa or “BeeBaw”, was a man whom proved to me to be...  more
  • Krister Friday
    I loved Phil's love of Lake Michigan. He would jump into the lake any chance he got, no matter how cold it was.
  • Amy Rosewarne
    Here is a picture Betty sent me of dad, working on his tennis serve on the beach: doesn't get any better than this for him:)
  • Amy Rosewarne
    Here is dad in dad heaven: a Mexican ice cream parlor in Chicago. Ice cream! Spanish-speaking people!